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HtTA: Atmospheric Perspective Composition
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Published: June 12, 2015
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It's been a while. o_o;;

I don't know how but summer suddenly became super busy and my sister's sick so I have to substitute her class today and, man, just so much to do. Cannot process it all. [EXO] Baekhyun Emoticon 

So yeah, here's some stuff on composition and atmospheric perspective. Try it.

Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land will explain the Golden Ration/Golden mean (which we use for placing Focal Points) better than I ever could:…
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BurningArtistHobbyist General Artist
*_* I have so much to learn. <3
betsyillustration's avatar
We all have so much to learn. *_*
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Lily-DrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
This is the most helpful composition tutorial I've come across, thank you!!
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You're welcome! If you practice some composition from the tutorial, send me a link to it. :)
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AmberwingKnightHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is great. 

Awesome use of illustrations for this hard to explain concept. 

Thanks for sharing. 
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attitudefanHobbyist General Artist
awesome tutorial!
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SilvaWolf248Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the tutorial! And how you drew the stairs as a triangle with "stairs" written on it. XD
betsyillustration's avatar
Yeah seriously, when you're just sketching things out at first, make it like the old timey Adam West Batcave and just label everything. xD
SilvaWolf248's avatar
SilvaWolf248Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adam west batcave xD I know the feels when drawing backgrounds
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SomewhereoverhereStudent Traditional Artist
This has honestly helped me understand more about art in general. Thank you
betsyillustration's avatar
Woohoo! Epiphany moment!
You're most welcome! :)
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LibradoggProfessional General Artist
good luck on all that... and i really found this useful
betsyillustration's avatar
I ended up catching my sister's sickness so now I'm forced to have some down time and straighten things out, haha. Glad you found this useful, if any questions come up while you try it yourself, let me know. :)
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LibradoggProfessional General Artist
well sadly that will take some time for me to use it... because of my business and time consuming activities....

hope you feel better now...
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I screamed internally at "CATEGORY FIIIIIIIIIIVE"
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SpicySoulsaProfessional Digital Artist
Wow this is great~ Thank you for posting this.
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You're welcome! I hope everyone can try doing their own environments now! :)
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ZachSatherArtHobbyist General Artist
You're a saint.
betsyillustration's avatar
Wow, I don't know about being a saint, but I'm glad you find the stuff I make helpful. xD
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staypee Digital Artist
This is very helpful! Thank you~ :la::la::la:
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Cool! You're welcome!
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adamantVisHobbyist Digital Artist
This is fantastic!  Environments are a huge challenge for me, but I'm starting to feel like I have the tools and understanding to tackle them meaningfully.
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Awesome! If there's something else with environments that you're struggling with, let me know and I might be able to make a tutorial type thingie about it.
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