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October 25, 2014
[Stock & Resources] "This tutorial clearly explains more than just one-point perspective and how it is able to tell a story in your deviations. The results might be fantastic!" Here's the Thing About 1 Pt Perspective by betsyillustration
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01 Here's the Thing About 1 Pt Perspective



Update: Finally got around to cleaning up some of the thumbnail sketches and using better handwriting. ^^;

People tend to groan when the subject of perspective comes up. I think it's because there are lots of tutorials for how to make a box in perspective, or a building in perspective, but then when you try, everything looks really stiff and you're not sure why, and end up avoiding it whenever possible.

I was amazed when I took a perspective class, and the first 2 weeks were spent on the bigger picture: story & composition, and the most of the third week was spent on relative sizes, nothing actually to do with perspective grids. My mind was blown.

On to part 2 02 Here's the Thing About 1pt Perspective by betsyillustration
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