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Untitled - A poem against Racism



A protesting poem written from the perspective of the non-Caucasian population of Southern America.
Inspired by Martin Luther King's speech "I have a dream".
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A thousand apologies for the beyond-delayed response, Beth, but I'm finally here for a requested critique from #We-Poets

I like the power in this piece, the way you build and build, but sustain your purpose and meaning with equal amounts power at the end as in the beginning. That's often very hard to do.  

Not much else to add except notes on grammar:

"The Government compile" either governments plural or compiles singular + doesn't need to be capped unless you intended that for some special emphasis.

conducts -- usually just conduct

they...their ego -- egos [again, unless you're making a kind of generalized point on purpose]

alley way -- alleyway is one word

I love the "Our souls are born angelic, not demonic." line, very cool!  Great job overall!