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PPG/SJ Theory Chpt. 1
*may contain some one sentence*
Chapter 1:
Up on a mountain, two people were climbing. "Isn't it lovely out here, Rolanda?" Rolanda stopped and looked around.
"It sure is, Yolanda." The two girls continued moving up the mountain. A little while later, the two girls stopped and decided to set up a camp. After the fire was started, they looked around again.
"Hey, look at that." Rolanda looked to where Yolanda was pointing at. Upon seeing it, here eyes went wide and she gasped. There stood an old, abandoned, Japanese looking palace. Outside was covered in grass and vines and looked like it was slowly rotting away. Yolanda and Rolanda looked at each other, nodded, stood up, and headed off towards the old palace. Once they got there, they slowly slid open the rotting door at the entrance. The door squeaked in protest before being silenced. The inside was just as bad as the outside, all molding and writhing away. The walls were a nasty color and the few wind
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Untitled Drawing by Bethwuzhere Untitled Drawing :iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 0 9
Powerpuff Girls/Samurai Jack Theory
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup had just gotten back from saving the town again. This time, Mojo Jojo had tried to take over the town with monkeys again but his plan was foiled by the girls. "Girls, it's almost time to eat so why don't you all get washed up?"
"Okay, Professor!" All three girls said as they flew to the bathroom to get ready. The Professor was downstairs setting plates. He loved having the girls with him and glad that he made them. He loved them with all of his heart and couldn't imagine living without them now. The three girls raced down the stairs and onto their chairs.
"What's for dinner, Professor?" Blossom asked.
"It's your favorite, girls." He replied while the girls cheered. As he served their plates, a smile came across his face. After eating dinner and getting cleaned up, it was time for bed. The girls were tucked in and a story had been read to them.
"Goodnight, Professor!" Three voices said. The Professor stopped from closing the door
:iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 2 3
Cast The First Stone ReaderxEngland
Cast The First Stone
It was a bright and early morning when you woke up from your deep slumber. You got up, hoped into the shower, got dressed and looked into the mirror. 'Eh, just look at me. Nobody would like me this way. Maybe if I style my hair differently, or add some make up…or maybe I'm too fat for them? I don't weigh that much… Do I?' It was the same deal as always for you. Wake up, get dressed, and think poorly of yourself. You sighed and decided to wear a little makeup, not too much but not too little to where you can't see it. You walked out the door and to school. The day was young and the smell was crisp as you walked the short distance to your school. You could enjoy it while it lasted. But once you got to school, those thoughts came back. The doors opened and it felt like everybody's eyes were on you. You put on a smile- a fake one –and walked to your locker.
I'll cast the first stone,
I'll cast the first stone,
Just to t
:iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 38 21
Punk!England x Reader Oneshot
Punk!England x Reader
Going to school had its ups and downs for you. The upside was that you could see your friends. The downside was that you had to do a crap ton of homework. But somehow you managed to do it all in one night. You were a regular girl in school with [h/l][h/c] hair and bright [e/c] eyes. You got along with almost everyone in the school except for him. He had emerald eyes and dirty blonde hair. And his eyebrows! Man, don't even get yourself started on those things. You could probably land planes on them! You two just didn't see eye to eye. You tended to stay away from him and he did the same to you. Everyone knew that you two hated each other, what for, they didn't know. Anyways, you were in English class and were talking to Alfred Jones. "Hey, [name], are you trying out for the talent show?"
"Oh, I don't know. Probably not. What am I going to do? Sing? I don't have a good voice."
"Well-" The bell rang, cutting off Alfred. Yo
:iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 277 96
Got bored... (2)
1.) Disturbia by Rihanna
You were new to the whole 'Digimon World' and you just wanted to get home. It was kind of a scary place. I mean who wouldn't be scared when monsters attack you and you only have an egg the does nothing. You followed Matt and Tai and found somewhere to hide. It was a giant cave but it was better than the thing chasing you right now. Now your egg hatched and so did the others. You were in the giant mansion and where trying to sleep with your Digimon. You felt something take hold of your mind and then woke up. You were at home and you breathed a sigh of relief. But it was short lived because your room was melting and you were freaking out. You could hear voices talking to you. "Can't get out." "Trapped forever." You screamed and outside, Matt found your body on the bed that you were currently laying in. Your mind was trapped in between the darkness in the light.
2.) Don't stop by Innerpartysystem
Light Yagami, an average young ma
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Bad, Bad Girlfriend :Mattxreader:
                                  Bad, Bad Girlfriend
                                     Matt x Reader
May contain some bad words
My girlfriend's a d*ck magnet,
My girlfriend's gotta have it,
She's hot, can't stop,
Up on stage doing shots,
Tip the man he'll ring the bell,
Get her drunk, she'll scream like hell…

You were out at a club with your boyfriend who wore a black and red striped shirt. He wore the same shirt. Sometimes you wondered if he got the same shirt multiple times but right now was not the moment to think about it. You had had a little too much to drink and had a lot of guys hitting on you. Maybe
:iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 165 40
Matt x Reader .:.Valentines Day.:.
                                  Happy Valentine's Day
                                     Matt x Reader
You were playing Alice: Madness Returns and you were trying to find a faster way to beat the doll when your boyfriend, Matt, came and stood in your way. You paused the game and looked at him. "Still trying to beat the game, ______?" You sighed.
"Yea. I only have one rose left and I already spent my Hysteria on it. Stupid Colossal Ruin…" You mumbled the last part.
"Well I was going to tell you that I had to go get some stuff today. I'll be
:iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 177 52
.:.Clockwork.:. by Bethwuzhere .:.Clockwork.:. :iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 3 0
Got bored....
I decided to do this because I got bored. So.... here it is.
1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.
1.) Better Version by Shinedown (3:45)
Nyuu was walking down the beach, when she saw several people walk by. There was one man with glasses on and he pointed a gun at her face. She froze in her spot. She was too scared and she wanted Kohta. The man shot her arm and she went unconscious. Her other personality kicked in. She rose and the man smiled. "Now I got you, Lucy." She smirked.
"No you don't." The man's head got torn off and blood went flying everywhere. She walked over to look at the ocean. She saw her reflection and then all the past stuff she did to people, cam
:iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 0 0
A.C Revelations by Bethwuzhere A.C Revelations :iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 0 1 .:.Yami Yugi.:. by Bethwuzhere .:.Yami Yugi.:. :iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 0 0 I have my eyes on you... by Bethwuzhere I have my eyes on you... :iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 0 0 .:Disturbed:. by Bethwuzhere .:Disturbed:. :iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 5 2
Sell Your Soul :Vampire Story:
Main character:
Last name: Mistfang (pic: file:///C:/Users/Beth/Pictures/Natasha_Mistfang.jpg )
First name: Natasha (white hair, green eyes. Skinny and wears a lot of black. Tattoos: Half moon (forehead) with stars going down to her left cheek to her back to her waist.)
Nickname: Princess Tasha
Second main character:
Last name: Darksky (Pic: file:///C:/Users/Beth/Pictures/SPIKE-spike-2614649-1024-768.jpg )
First name: Dimitri (Black hair, blue eyes. Normal body shape, strong but not a lot of muscles. Wears black also. Tattoos: Half moon (forehead) with lightning-like line going down left cheek to back. Stops at his tail-bone.)
Nickname: Dimitri the Cruel
I thought about making them have kids. Don't no yet. The names I thought were pretty good names for their kids:
Baby (boy) name: Blade (Black hair. Green eyes like Tasha's eyes.)
Baby (girl) name: Snow (white hair. Dark hazel eyes. Looks almost black from far away. Looks like Tasha)
Story Plot:
Two vampires work together for Alexander
:iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 1 0
Love and Death :FF love story:
*The guy at the top is Alex. Yes, I no that the pic is of Angel (tv show that I loved) but I was too lazy to pick another vamp that would look like a douche.*
Chapter 4
*Jasmine's P.O.V*
We made it to another hide out. "Does this one have a shower?" I asked.
"Yea. The last one had a shower too." Dominic answered.
"Well, that was a poor excuse for a shower. It was just a chair and a bucket of water. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a shower." And I left. I went down several corridors and finally found the shower.
*??? P.O.V*
"How did your fight go with Vincent?"
"It went rather well."
"Do you think he will come for her?"
"Yes, I do. I also think she will not go with him. Make sure to keep her memories hidden and replaced with the new ones. Just until we turn her into one of us. Now go. I want time to think."
*Jasmine's P.O.V*
I got out of the shower and had a strange feeling again. My ear was r
:iconbethwuzhere:Bethwuzhere 0 0
oh wow! I can put a description here! hehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehe u learn something everyday! Only in my case, i learn it every minute to an hour. :)


Getting a Boyfriend: Scotland
The Junkyard
Allistor, high school bad boy. No one messed with him and no one wanted to. He was a ginger Scottish teen who was well built and would smoke all day. Still, it didn't stop him from being attractive to the ladies. Everyone admitted, he was nice to the eyes. He didn't like school and stopped going, unlike his smart scholar of a brother, Arthur Kirkland. It wasn't as if Allistor was jealous of Arthur. He just didn't want to be pulled down with his brother. He wanted nothing to do with Arthur and it was final. Allistor was actually very smart but he didn't want to show it. He didn't care what everyone expected him to be. He just wanted to be him.
It was another school day and Allistor was laying on the hood of his truck in the middle of a junkyard. He liked how no one would come to the junkyard and bother him. His brother knew, but Arthur never cared. Allistor enjoyed how quiet it was in the junkyard and the only sounds were coming from the stereo of his blue tru
:iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 581 120
Dragon!ScotlandXReader: Imitating Fairy Tales
"This time I will get out of this castle." You grumbled as you tiptoed down the steep stone stairs. "Maybe my prince charming fell down a well... Yeah, I have to save him." You tried to convince yourself, but it was no use, the lurking insecurity was still there: What if no prince wanted to save you? What if you had to spend the rest of your life guarded my a fiery tempered dragon? You shook your head at the thought. Even if your prince charming wouldn't save you, you had to save yourself.
"Princess, this is stupid, I know you snuck out of your chambers." The voice came out in a soft growl, yes, you could hear your dragon speak, it was the only way you knew that the dragon was meant to protect you, and only you. You clutched your sword with shaky hands, this was at least the 20th time you tried to escape this month. Yep, you were committed. You began to run swift through the shadows of the castle, your bare feet slapping against the cold stone as you made your way down a
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 292 112
Scotland X Reader Hickies
"Ha hey dude how did you get the hickeys!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
"Shut up Alfred!!"
You yelled to the loud American at the meeting. You glared at your boyfriend Allistair as he had his collar shirt open showing off the markings on his pale skin.  
"Ah like ta show off, and besides you should be showing off to! Show all these men and women who ya belong to!"
You had taken to wearing a turtleneck this morning to the meeting along with black dress pants. Of course you wanted everyone to know who you belonged to and loved, but you were embarrassed as to how he wanted you to show it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flash back to yesterday~~~~~~~~~~~~
It was one of those days when you felt like sitting around being lazy and watch Doctor Who and Sherlock. So there you were sitting on your cozy couch wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets and pillows leaving your work untouched. You didn't bother to change out of your pajamas or brush your hair, It wasn't as if you were going anywhere, and you sure as hell wasn't
:iconlevlion526:Levlion526 711 143
Scotland x Reader: Hate your last name
The sky was dull and clouds with heavy moisture laden spread across the city. In the background the gentle rumble of the Underground could be heard. All around her people had opened their umbrellas or began seeking shelter under the awnings of cafes or small shops,from the light drizzle that had started. Across the darkened sky she could see the picturesque skyline of London. The iconic Big Ben,the many skyscrapers of the City and the posh glass facade buildings of Canary Wharf.
Her (e/c) eyes slightly reflecting the magnificent yet somehow familiar scenery. She shook a few stray (h/c) strands out of her eyes and almost on instinct the dilated pupils which expressed a certain astonishment constricted and went back to the frigid expressionless state they were used to being in.
Soon she began to head out of the station and realised the stares of strangers she was attracting,"Is it because of the (h/c) hair that I seem to intrigue these fools,” she thought to herself and continued w
:icondragonzzzz4lyf:DRAGONZZZZ4lyf 40 412
Netherlands x Reader | Welcome Home
Tulip buds dotted Amsterdam with splashes of color from their pots and gardens. It was spring, still nipping with the cold, but warm enough for flowers to bloom and blush their soft tinctures and marbled streaks.
I cradled a small bouquet of tulips in my arms, balanced carefully with the groceries so it would not be crushed. It was the peak of the tulip season and I figured it was high time I also have some at home. The night had started to ink the sky and blot the sun as I quickened my pace to hurry back. I had underestimated the time to pick the pretty colors of my tulips. The shopkeeper, a kind, elderly lady who had a spectacular talent for arranging flowers, had been patient with me and I was the last to bid farewell to her, finally deciding on creamy yellow and pastel pink. I hummed happily to myself, walking with a spring in my step. Lars would be delighted to see these tulips when he came back tomorrow!
Lars had gone on a business trip for three weeks and my heart ached terribly
:iconthecommonmyna:TheCommonMyna 47 4
Animus Vox (Steampunk!GermanyxReader) Part 1
He still kept going, though he had become numb.
A metallic smell permeated his cluttered workshop; piles of miscellany and scrap metal left only a small section of the room usable. Had he not been so desperate, the mess would have disgusted him.
But as the pale yellow glow of his lamps spilled out into the midnight streets of Berlin and the chill of evening solitude set into his bones, he worked. Past the working hours on the shop sign- "Der Mechaniker, 9AM-6PM" - until the screwdrivers fell out of his stiff hands. Usually, as the only mechanic dealing with clockwork mechanisms, he already had his days full. But the nights stretched long.
He let out a sigh. His spine curved in defeat over his work, his eyes ached from hours of minuscule adjustments. Though his body refused to move, he found hidden reserves of energy from the fact that it was the final stretch before completion. You haunted him, a dream just out of reach.
The last piece he needed, the thing forming right under his hands
:iconleggles:leggles 15 9
Bodyguard!GermanyxActress!Reader Chapter 1 Updated
Liz looked down at yet another letter from one of (Name)'s fans.
  She assumed it was the same guy as the others because it came along with a package full of lingerie and sex toys and a letter describing exactly how he wanted to use them on her and in his eloquent words "fuck her brains out". She sneered as she threw it in the drawer of her filing cabinet that kept all the others.
 "Ms.Hedevary, your car has arrived to take you to Ms.(Last Name)'s premiere." her secretary's voice came on the intercom. She pressed the button, "Yes I'll be right there, that'll be all Lillian you can go home for the day."  
  Liz grabbed her purse searching for her cell phone through the chaos inside of her bag, once she made it into the car she pulled up her contacts and called Ludwig.
 "Hallo Liz.", she grinned, "Hallo Ludwig! I know this is kind of sudden but I need you to work for me.",his reply was instant, "Nein. he moved to hang up,"Don't you dare hang up on me Beilschmidt,
:iconlolitalipgloss:lolitalipgloss 102 14
Pirate!EnglandXTime Traveler!Reader - Part 13

While you're still resting and Arthur's still at outside, Peter peeked at Arthur while he's looking up at starry sky that you and Arthur loved to watch together since that night when the Turkish Gang attacked his ship but they won't be together, not like this.
"Arthur, are you okay?" Peter asked as he ignored him and refused to answer but he has some words to say
"You're very lucky." Arthur spoke. "You have someone that you truly love and loves you as well. Don't you think I should make a wedding plan for both of you?" Arthur made a tiny chuckle and Peter made a sad eyes about you and Arthur. "How's (Name)? Is she still asleep?"
"Yeah. She's calm now. Lili's still at her room."
"I see." he sighed as he started to remembered something very important. "Peter, I want you to get every crew to come for an urgent meeting."
"It's about (Name), isn't it." Peter asked.
"Yes. She might be in trouble. Go get everyone and Roderich too." he said as Peter le
:iconpinkypromise20:pinkypromise20 91 18
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 41
~Chapter 41~
It wasn’t unexpected for Berwald to be the one to give Tino some appropriate clothing.
“Thank you, Berwald,” Tino thanked the Golden Sentinel. He laughed to himself. “I must have picked that up from __________. It is easier to say your human name, after all. I hope you don’t mind.”
“I dun’ mind,” the Golden Sentinel simply said, rather unbothered by the usage, although you wondered if it was because he was being practical or was used to hearing it from Tino. At least he wasn’t as uptight about it as the Divine Keeper of the Sapphire Flames was.
You craned your head to Mathias who had been raising his cape over your head to cloak you from the heat. “Well, Mathias, this is it.”
“I guess you’re right,” the dragon said, but from the sound of his voice, he didn’t seem particularly excited about turning back into a dragon. If anything, he sounded sad.
That can’t be helped. Bu
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 59 49
These Broken Things (Steampunk!Prussia x Reader)
"My offer still stands, Beilschmidt. You will find that I am being quite generous."
"And I told you, I am not interested."
Gilbert tried to ignore the continued presence behind him, grinding his teeth with enough force to make his molars ache in protest. But Ivan continued to stand there, looming behind Gilbert like a malevolent shadow, still smiling pleasantly. That smile made the hairs on the back of Gilbert's neck stand up, and it seemed the sweeter it got, the more distrustful of the man he grew. The tension in the room was so palpable that Gilbert was sure he could taste it, like a coating of ash on his tongue. Yet both men continued in their peculiar stalemate, waiting for the other to break the suffocating silence.
Distantly, a clock ticked.
Gilbert was exhaling slowly in an effort to calm himself when Ivan moved. A gloved hand wrapped around his wrist, the leather creaking as Ivan yanked on Gilbert’s arm. Ivan’s violet eyes traced it almost lasciviously, his express
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 138 30
Just Tell Me - Josh Washington x Reader
AU in which Beth and Hannah never died and the prank never occurred and everyone is safe and not in danger of wendigos (especially Josh)
You were riding the cable car with Chris; you along with the rest of your friends were going to the annual Blackwood getaway that Josh organized each year. You and Chris wanted to be the first ones to be there, mainly because you were Josh’s best friends, and being close to the Washington twins, they insisted on you being there first. You were looking out the cable car window, hearing your phone vibrate you reached for it, feeling your cheeks heat up with seeing Josh’s name across the screen.
You texted him that you were already on the cable car with Chris and you were just a tab bit cold.
Tell Cochise to lend you his sweater, Hannah and Beth will kill him if you get frostbite and I most likely join them too
-Josh <
:iconmoonlight53:Moonlight53 225 27
NetherlandsXReader : Thanks Emma
“Oh, come on!” Emma nudged her brother on his arm. “Look at all the cute girls out there! I bet if you tried, even just the littlest bit, you could get a least 5 girls to go on a date with you.” The girl pointed out, a smile spreading on her lips. All she got in response was silence, and a glare. To most people, those cold eyes would’ve made them wet their pants, but she wasn’t like most people, and her older brother doesn’t scare her. “Tim, please! I don’t want you to end up alone!” She continued. f
“I don’t need your finding a girlfriend, I already have one in mind…”  The taller blond uttered the last part out. He regretted the confession as soon as his sister gasped loudly, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. “Please don’t make a big scene.” He rolls his eyes as he turns to meet her shining eyes.
“You have to tell me who. Come on, brother please.” She pre
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 161 29
NetherlandsXReader : The Worst Decision Ever
"I would like a hotel, Lovino."
You’re about to throw your cards in the air, and Antonio grips the ends of the board game, ready to toss it. Emma looks likes she's ready to burst into tears, while Lovino watches the scene passively. You sigh hardly, debating whether or not to throw your game piece at Tim’s face. You love him to death, but oh my god this was the worst decision of your life. You noticed how Antonio looked like his soul was leaving his body, and you weren’t surprised.
“Why, Tim, why?” You mutter as you cover your face with your hands. You feel as if you're about to explode, and you actually don’t mind if you do. “Why did you cross the line. Tim, don’t do it, I’m serious. You do not want this to go down like this.” Monopoly is all fun and games til someone decides they want hotels.
“Brother it’s been three hours.” Emma reminded him. Staring at the board game that just seemed to get on her nerves.
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 177 31
Germany x Reader - Cuddly
Ludwig was a cute sleeper.
You’d give him that.
With his peaceful expression and soft snores, he resembled a giant, huggable teddy bear; the fact that his hair was down didn’t help too much either, because it only seemed to add to the adorable look.
Nonetheless, even if he did resemble a teddy bear, he definitely wasn’t acting like one – on the contrary, it was you who was acting like a teddy bear.
“I’m so thirsty,” you whined pitifully, squirming around in Ludwig’s strong hold. “Lemme go, Luddy! Wake up! I wanna get some water!”
The German didn’t even move, earning yet another whine from you.
For ten minutes you’d been trying to escape Ludwig’s arms, yearning for a nice cup of water to quench your thirst; however, much to your chagrin, Ludwig had a bad habit of cuddling in his sleep.
Well, you wouldn’t really call it bad – if anything, you enjoyed being cuddled by the
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,676 248
Jealous!Germany x Reader RQ Part 1
Another unsuccessful World Conference went by, leaving Ludwig frustrated that the countries couldn't come together and a simple discussion without any fighting, swearing at one another, and weak countries *ahem* Italy *ahem* constantly whining about surrender and white flags. Ludwig started gathering his papers and files together while the other countries walked out of the meeting hall. 
After gathering his stuff, he too walked out of the meeting hall. Once outside, though, he saw you casually leaning against the wall of the building, quietly spectating the streets of people conversating and laughing. His cool blue eyes stared at your figure before he got the courage to speak up.
"Hello, (Y/N)." Ludwig said, hopefully loud enough to snap you out of your trance. "Hm? Oh, I'm sorry, Ludwig. I wasn't paying attention. I was just watch how everyone here get along with one another, you know? Besides, that's the kind of country me and Alfred wish to have."
You say facing Ludwig, smiling
:iconfalloutgirl21:FallOutGirl21 238 78
Half cat! Nyo! Belarus x Blind! Reader
Half cat! Nyo! Belarus x Blind! Reader
    A tense atmosphere hung over the whole house as you waited patiently for Arthur to open the door. It almost seemed like the entire home was holding its breath, waiting for something to happen to the people inside. It made you a bit nervous. Hopefully Arthur wouldn't pull a nasty surprise on you, right? He was more civilized than that. You could at least hope that he was better than Alfred in that sense, but the heavy, anticipating sort of sense you were getting was making you doubt that just a little.
    The door opened with a slight squeak, to which Arthur began muttering about the door hinges or something along those lines. The tension in the air only seemed to double after the door was opened up. You shuddered at the sudden dark feeling that hit you moments after, almost like unfriendly eyes were watching you. Arthur cleared his throat nervously, and gently guided you in after a word of greeting.
    "Well, (y
:iconkarpetashipper7:karpetashipper7 172 17


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Okay, so as you can probably see, I'm not on here a lot anymore. I'm on a new account, here and am into Kpop now. So, if you want to see some of my stories, just click on the link and see for yourself. I am still writing though because that's the only thing I can do (because I can't draw for shiiiiiiiiiii-) so check it out!


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H + I = Window!!
United States
*I'm just going to put random pictures that I like here*
I love Death Note, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Naruto, Bleach, Blood C, Hellsing, and other animes. Fav. songs. r Screamo songs/Bands, Bullet For My Valentine, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Skillet, Muse, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Maroon 5, Breaking Benjamin, Hollywood Undead (the old one with Deuce. I think they lost it when they lost Deuce), The Lonely Island, Rammstein, Serj Tankian (The lead singer of System of a Down), System of a Down. Godsmack, Mindless Self Indulgence, Saliva, Repo! The Genetic Opera, eRa, Slipknot, and basically no pop songs, n a little rap (i.e. Eminem, Lil Wayne, DMX). My family thinks i'm going emo just bcuz i like black and other dark colors and i like screamo songs and i never smile when i get home. (They should see me at school.) And I SUCK at DRAWING!!! I love Supernautral (tv show), Looney Tunes (the old one not The Loony Tunes Show. That show is a piece of crap), House, and I saw The Rocky Horrors Picture Show. And I'm not a big fan of Yaoi. (I only approve of MelloxMatt). Well... that's basically it. I guess. :P :) :D
Ohh!!!! let me tell you about how I became like how I am today! My mom was baby sitting this little kind named... Max (I think. It was long ago), well anyway, when I was still an infant, my mom let him hold me and apparently he was standing by some stairs. He dropped me (by mistake) and I fell down those seven stairs. Yeah, seven stairs can do that to you! So that;s why I'm random. n I often think about how my life would be like if i hadn't been dropped down those stairs. oh well! I'm happy with my life~!

Favourite genre of music: screamo (BVB, Asking Aexandria), rock (Disturbed, Linkin Park)
Shell of choice: mac & cheese! (not sure whether that was the right shell...oh well! I thank my stupidity!)
Favourite cartoon character: (s): L, Sebastian, Spongebob, Patrick, n many more that won't fit on here. :)
Personal Quote: "Hey, how's it going?" "


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