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Pinkie's Coronation Dress

By Bethiebo
I got bored and decided to do some vectoring so here is Pinkie Pie's dress from the coronation episode....

Made on: Adobe Illustrator CS5.5
Time: 3-4 hours

if you would like to use this for wallpapers or anything i do not mind as long as you credit me and please let me know as i would love to see what you make with it :D

*edit* larger res
*edit 2* fixed derps
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© 2013 - 2021 Bethiebo
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BejeweledApples's avatar
A birthday party in dress form (unfortunately excluding the cake)?
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A1r2i3e4l5's avatar
I just wanted you to know that I received this as a request:… and I gave you credit for it 
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that does look awesome ... but i only vectored it it was an official dress from the show :)
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This is my favorite out of the dresses.



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yeah it is a very cool dress
Longsword97's avatar
This dress makes me hungry, I likes it!
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oh i know all those sweets and ice-cream
Longsword97's avatar
yup (big mac voice)
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I love how the dress is all fancy and Rococo and then BOOM. Candy hat.
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lmaooo well it says something about pinkie doesn't it .... she loves sweets/candy
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oh that looks so cool
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bravo! now i have a question to rarity... how does she make such beatifull designs? :D
Bethiebo's avatar
she's just a fashionista that tends to help when been a designer
Maggie-X-Awesomeness's avatar
I was hoping for this! I LOVED her outfit
Bethiebo's avatar
:D i liked all of them tbh but yeah its awesome
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