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TwoKinds - kissin' thoughts

By Bethelon
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I drew this just for fun. But I showed it to a couple of my friend and all of them thought that I should post it. So, here.......we go.

All characters belong to :icontwokinds:

Yes! That's Keith and Natani and their kissin'!
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Awwwww so cute

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So I have afew questions. 1# is keith gay? 2-3# what is this series and where do I start?
Jesck-Astiair's avatar… This is the archive for Twokinds (the comic) and its a little complicated to say, He isn't really, but if you read the comic you'll understand
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Thank you so very much. I can't wait to start reading it.
it looks like a good read. and thats coming from a guy who doesn't read books.
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Well I found it good, but this is from a guy who's a bibliomaniac... oh well, hope you enjoy it like I did
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Someone that likes books is the long or short of it
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When I saw this again today I realized that Natani's holding Keith in exactly the same way she did when she kissed Keith in the comic just a few pages ago. It totally blew my mind. (Did you actually see that coming?)
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That's weird, I can't help but I like it :DD
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Thanks for liking it, but I can assure you that I've drawn far better ^^; Sadly I can't post any of it on DA XD
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No? why not? o.o
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Ha, what a twist!
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*facepalm* keith you're doing it wrong!
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Nawww soo cute

(Fränder, bröder vår stormaktstid kan vara över)
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Mates, brothers our greatness may be over
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hey, natani need a
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Should have made Keith think about Laura
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You got a point there :)
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I dont really approve of keiths "happy place" but I still love the pic, great work :3
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lol what about Natani's happy place xD she's making Keith the bride
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XD I guess you have a point!
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