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Love Is On The Cards

I got a set of witcher cards and I just loved the look of the back. So I used the back of the cards on the back I think the filter I put over the image really suits the style. 
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4608x3456px 1.46 MB
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
11 mm
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Date Taken
Dec 10, 2013, 8:37:09 PM
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Great idea + great execution )
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Very interesting concept Beth ... would have like to have seen a little more D.O.F., but it's fine and not a big deal at all!!  :clap:
I would like to know what filter you are making reference to though if you do'nt mind me asking!! :nod:
Very nice ... ~Lee :D
BethBH-Photography's avatar
Thank you for the comment, I can see the room for improvement in this picture, and am very great full for any constructive comments.
Also the filter is nothing special. My dad had to retire from his job and has a lot of time on his hands and likes making things so he got glass paint and watered it down and made make shift filters for me. Haha I have the proper one for my camera but I do like to use the ones my dad made they are not great but nice. :)

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Hello again Beth!! :wave:
  You're very welcome and thank you for the reply!! :D  Oh please ... I did'nt mean anything too much about what I said in my comment as the image is wonderful!! :nod:  I was just speaking out loud something that I was happening to be thinking about at the time, okay? :nod:
  That's really cool to hear about your father making this filter ... has he made more than one so far? :)  Also ... would you be interested in sending me an image of it so that I may see (unless it's a trade secret and then I don't want you to for that very reason)!! :no:

  I have all kinds of filters ... actually it's kind of an obsolete filter system from the days of film!! :nod:  I just haven't really used them much because of the digital age of this medium!! :giggle:

  Anyway ... it really does look nice and I like the effect and warmth it rendered ... good job!! :clap: ~Lee :D
BethBH-Photography's avatar
Hi :)
My dad has made another couple I haven't yet seen he lives about a hour away from me and comes over once a month so he is coming on Monday so I am looking forward to seeing them. I will send you a picture I don't think my dad will mind haha.

I think its hard now to manually do effects with photography now there are so many options with digital. Its kind of sad though so I started collecting vintage cameras so that I can still have fun and play around with seeing what I can do with them and then scan the images in on my laptop. I have to admit though I hardly seem to get them out :)

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Hi Beth and please feel free to address me as "Lee" if you wish!! :nod: :wave:
  I didn't know this until now and understand completely ... I bet you are anticipating seeing what other ones he's has come up with!! :nod:  Please do me a favor though (actually two things, but at least one)!! First ... please don't forget to ask his permission to photograph these special filters and to send me a picture of them!! :please:  I'll "note" you where to send it (them) unless you are planning on submitting them, otherwise ... we'll keep this between us!! :nod:  Next ... I was wanting to ask you a favor I guess, but you don't have to and I don't want you to if you are not wanting to!! But would you mind watching me on here?  :please:  At least think about it, okay? :D

  "Yes" it is and was as I can tell you all about this from experience and doing a lot of work in chemical darkrooms!! :nod:  I still have two vintage film cameras myself but I think one has a defective shutter (it has a leaf shutter in it) and the other one I think works and will know as soon as I can get some 35mm film for it!!  They are fun to mess around with and still maintain a unique and working knowledge of what photography is truly all about!! :giggle:  I can understand why you don't though depending on the camera(s) you're talking about, but you should really consider it more as I would be interested in seeing what you do with them!! :nod:
  Anyway ... take care and it's a real pleasure talking to you and hope we can be mutual friends on here!!:pray:
  ~Lee :camera: ;)
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