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Ethwin and Sheiko Dancing


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Ethwin and Sheiko Dancing


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IPad Jonas


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Pernateer - Character Sheet

Experiment Disaster

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Ghoreaeth Kirb - Character Ref

The Ageless

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Pokemon Destiny Character - Charizard

Pokemon Destiny

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Growth - Preview

     "…hungry…"  He glanced around…he was in a larger town now.  Maybe he'd find something in some garbage.  Worth a shot, right?  Haldrek sighed and trudged through the main street, looking for a place that sold food.  Ah.  Here.  He smiled half-heartedly and slipped behind the store to root through the garbage in the alley.     A head poked up from the garbage slowly, eyes WIDE and frightened staring at him. When their gazes locked, they both screamed. The person in the garbage jumped up, a banana peel in the mouth, and fell back onto their shoulders. It…it was a young human girl…no older than twelve. Red hair and


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Best of the Breast - Introduction

Best of the Breast

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LIFE happened...

Pre 2010's Artwork

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ATTR 3 - Real v/s Real

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Dragons in our Midst


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