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Stress Portrait 2019

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For my Professional Development class in school, I had to draw out how I felt with stress, what level I was at, and what stressed me out. I used a more scribbly style to symbolize chaos and disorder. My joints are like a doll's with the ball and joint, something I feel physically with my hypermobility disorder. The chains are representative of how I feel trapped in my stress, and the hands coming in from the darkness symbolize the sense of doom I feel when things feel too stressed. 
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*many hugs your way*

it is not a fun place to be. There are three things I think everyone needs to hear no matter where they are in life...

1. What you're going through IS hard... you are not weak for feeling it is hard

2. You are not alone. Even if we can't always help there are always people out there on your side even when it feels like you stand alone

3. You CAN get through this. You're stronger than you know and life has turns you haven't seen yet

Having been struggling with health, family, financial, etc etc stress these last few years as well, I appreciate the struggle... it's hard. I hope you feel some relief and hope soon :)