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Risk of Rain

By betawho
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A new indie game
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Magnifique ! *-*
Awesome job !
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Great drawing for a great game!
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Hiii Would you mind if I used it as my Twitter background??? Nice job!! I also love your other drawings but this is definitely my favourite one
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A low groaning, lasting for a few days at least. From the relative safety of my drop pod I watched as a mountain rose to its knees, pushing itself up with arms of stone and dirt and twine.

The Colossus appears as a cousin of the Rock Golem and share many similarities, from its red gaze to its stocky stature. Around its feet many smaller golems rose, joining it. In what possible ways could conventional weapons help me?

I've begun to find a dark humor in the absolute overkill that I face. This is simply ridiculous.

Can I use this for my RoR lets play as the icon
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Absolutely superb work.
JohnDoeHanibari's avatar
this could be a wallpaper, man! I freakin love it!!
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This is amazing! really gives you this feeling of freedom and wide space, just like the game itself.
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I need this in background size xD
This is super pretty. Please do more of these world sketches
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Amazing! da is scarce when it comes to Risk of Rain fanart :P
Oh man, I've had so much fun with this game. I really like the way you laid out what's normally a 2D world.
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This is amazing! Puts me right back into the game world... I sincerely hope you'll do more for other zones and places. Were this wallpaper resolution, it'd be on mine already. Bravo!
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Love the water color look. did you use Photoshop, or painter,...?
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This game strikes all sorts of epic adventure strings inside of me, just as your artwork.
Some time, there should be a comic based on the game, for sure.
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Breathtaking :) my personal favorite among the scenery in the game btw
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