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Venom PNG Render by BETACRYSTAL Venom PNG Render :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 1,034 41 Darkness Rises by BETACRYSTAL Darkness Rises :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 222 11 Spider-Man and Venom Maximum Carnage by BETACRYSTAL Spider-Man and Venom Maximum Carnage :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 1,667 51 Totally Terrible Attempt by BETACRYSTAL Totally Terrible Attempt :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 17 0 DeLorean Blues by BETACRYSTAL DeLorean Blues :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 89 3 Maximum Carnage by BETACRYSTAL Maximum Carnage :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 278 11 Jumanji by BETACRYSTAL Jumanji :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 249 10 The Dark Path by BETACRYSTAL The Dark Path :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 133 10 Chemical Chaos by BETACRYSTAL Chemical Chaos :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 125 4 The Metal Overlord by BETACRYSTAL The Metal Overlord :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 130 14 The Devious Demons by BETACRYSTAL The Devious Demons :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 19 0 The Blue Baby Fairy by BETACRYSTAL The Blue Baby Fairy :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 7 0 The Dream Sequence by BETACRYSTAL The Dream Sequence :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 36 2 Help Me Get Points Stamp by BETACRYSTAL Help Me Get Points Stamp :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 89 18 Help Me Get Core Stamp by BETACRYSTAL Help Me Get Core Stamp :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 128 32 Help Me Get 100k Llamas Stamp by BETACRYSTAL Help Me Get 100k Llamas Stamp :iconbetacrystal:BETACRYSTAL 71 15

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A goal that will most likely never get reached. Feel free to donate if you want to, I can't offer much, but you will have my gratitude!

Help Me Get Core Stamp by BETACRYSTAL Help Me Get 100k Llamas Stamp by BETACRYSTAL Help Me Get Points Stamp by BETACRYSTAL
Help Me Get Core Stamp by BETACRYSTAL Help Me Get 100k Llamas Stamp by BETACRYSTAL Help Me Get Points Stamp by BETACRYSTAL

All points I receive will be traded for Llama badges through the Llama trade ability, it's always nice to give things away!

If you want you can donate money to my paypal account: Money I receive through paypal will be spent on points here on DeviantART to share to everyone else through the Llama trade ability.

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Venom PNG Render
The image size is 3983x5000.

This is also free of charge! Feel free to use this in your projects under the condition that you provide both credit and a link to this image.

People seem to be getting confused with this, so I'll set it straight here and now:

I made this, nobody else. There is nobody else to credit other than myself since nobody else created this supersized full body Venom. Only I made it completely alone. I made it based on references from the Venom movie posters (to get the exact shape of the body & pose etc). It took me a gosh darn long time to make a full body Venom. Nobody else had or owned this image prior to me making it since it did not exist before I made it (that should be completely obvious but I guess it needs spelling out). Also, just because I decided to release my work as a PNG/Stock/Render, doesn't mean that it was made just like any other PNG/Stock/Render. That is all.
Spider-Man and Venom Maximum Carnage
This piece is free of charge! dimensions are 1920x1080.

Credit to the original artist, Paolo Rivera for granting me permission to post this. The original piece can be found here:

I turned the sky in the background to that of the sky from the original Maximum Carnage posters/game cartridge. I also tried to keep the colors of the characters as faithful to what is seen in the Maximum Carnage game as possible without looking too cartoonish.
Please don't. I don't care what you try to say to get more than 100 points out of me. I don't care if your family is sick, or if you need $1 for medicine and will convert the points to real money. It is hard to believe people, and I've had plenty of experiences with that in life to know better. I find these "sob stories" hard to believe/trust. They seem so fake and desperate. Yes this might sound harsh, but hey, I'm not the one trying to pilfer money (in the form of points) from users. Here's why I feel this way, using the example above;

Firstly, I explicitly state on my profile page within the donation widget that I use the Llama Trade ability to distribute points -- that way I can help more than just one person by giving more than one person points. That ability is the best system for that (and the only one for multiple users, I might add). So when you PM me, I already know that you've totally ignored the fact that I don't give points to benefit a single person, I give points to benefit many people. If you missed out on grabbing some of my points, then that's not my problem -- there will always be more chances to get some as I always give points away. I do what I want with my money and I don't need any micro-management from a total stranger on what I should or shouldn't do. If you don't feel or think that I'm already being generous enough by giving away every single point I receive/buy, then you have judged me quite poorly and have already made yourself someone whom I strongly dislike.

Secondly, when I reply to you in PM explaining these points, and you totally ignore my response -- that explains to you that I have already used the points I had -- by asking me a second time, begging me for points, then I know that you are being selfish and only care about yourself -- and not others -- as you claim to be caring for. I also hate repeating myself more than once, especially to an online beggar. You can clearly read what I said the first time around -- so wipe your screen if you can't quite read/grasp my words clearly, because saying it a second time still doesn't seem to be good enough, so I won't be repeating myself anymore. Then to add an extra layer on the cake of lies, replying to me again for a third time (in a negative way!) pretty much seals your fate with me. So, I won't bother replying even once to any further PM's regarding points, I will simply report and block the user who sent it, and delete the message from my Inbox. My hands will be washed of your greed.

And thirdly (something which genuinely baffles my mind), How can your family not take care of themselves? They (if not you) must work in some capacity and have savings/a bank account. Wouldn't they just handle it themselves? Why would your family rely on you (their child) for help to get money, when there is clearly money being used to pay for the use of the internet, and money had to be spent for the device you are accessing the internet with? Either your family (or you) must have a current job to earn money for these luxury items. Logic automatically isn't on your side when you come up with these ridiculous stories that just sounds like a Cancer Research advertisement (in the form of text, only more poorly conceived), and it strongly feels like the only purpose of the message is to "appeal" to a sense of "humanity" within me so you can obtain points to transfer into money, so you can do as you want with the money, and not for the aforementioned reasons you stated.

So, I will say this right here and right now; I have more than enough humanity to go around and I do give it daily, both online and in real life, wherever and whenever I choose to. I think this is a fair warning to those who may try to take advantage of me or any other user who is already being generous enough to donate out their points to many people via the Llama Trade ability. Also, for the record; if you're going to beg, then at least think twice about what you say and how you will say it to someone - if you're going to do it with someone else, that is. Manners cost nothing. Shutting the hell up all-together costs even less than that.

I personally don't buy your sob stories, and I have zero sympathy for you and your ignorance, especially when there are more ways than one to obtain points, such as :icondahub: as a prime example (even though it is experiencing issues adjusting to the new DeviantART changes currently). Another way to get money --and not just by utilizing DeviantART's point system -- is to earn money from a real life job. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous, right? Impossible even! But it's not. Try it out -- and if you are already -- then might I suggest working a bit harder to earn that bit more money you so desperately need for medicine for your sick family? Again, it's just common sense, which seems to be a superpower these days because so many people don't seem to have it.

Perhaps I do come off as harsh and/or cynical -- but hey! Everyone is different, and I grew up with common sense, so sue me. You may think you're doing nothing wrong at all, but in fact you are. You're actually being the problem instead of any type of solution to anything - even your sick family. That type of behavior makes the person you are contacting think to themselves "Hey, maybe I should stop being generous entirely and keep the money for myself. Screw everyone else!". So because of your message, other people who wanted to donate points, may be deterred from being generous in the future to others, because of you.

You know what would help you out? Yourself. It wouldn't be so bad if I could click on your profile, and I could see that you were making art of any quality, attempting to do commissions for points while having your own donation widget, and are genuinely trying everything you can to get points by yourself without having to ask other people. That would help anyone you are messaging (even me!) to see that there is a ring of truth to your story. But when you come to me like you currently do, with a blank profile with nothing but a username, then sorry not sorry, you're getting nothing from me.

Now if your stories are genuine and true, then I'm sorry, but everyone has their own problems to deal with in one way or another - this could be from depression, to anxiety etc. And you had to pick DeviantART -- a place where users make beautiful art -- some even to cope with their problems (this does not apply to every user, but certainly to a large group of them). Do you not think to yourself that you could be adding more pressure onto some users who may not be able to handle those types of situations? You could be making their lives worse, even more when they try to be friendly with you and you respond negatively -- I can only imagine what other users have had to go through and deal with, just because of you and your message.

TL;DR - Don't bother me begging for points, and try not to bother others who are being generous either. I'll report you and block you if you message me, so that DeviantART can investigate your messages with other users, to see how genuine you really are.


Me, everyone else who you're planning to message, and everyone else you've already managed to sucker into giving you their hard earned points/money.

P.S. Honestly, the only person who is sick is me - of all these pretenders/liars!


And I think, just so other people know not to trust you, I will name and shame anyone who does this with me. I had already deleted older messages so I don't remember their usernames, but I do remember one as it's still in my browser history.


You brought this on yourself, so you'll get no apologies from me. You already took my points along with 400 other people since I traded 401 points yesterday evening at around 6 - 7pm. I gave every single user a Llama who took my points also. Proof that you took points from me:…

You were one of those 401 users who I gave a Llama back to also since I covered every single person:…

And finally, proof from your very own profile, not only my own:…

Your greed will only get you so far. Not very far with me - at all.

Update: So a user is generating multiple accounts to take points from other users. Case and point:…

For the record, your "mom's roommate's dad" isn't family, at least not that I am aware of in the society I live in. I do however understand that everyone's situation can be different. The fact that you have to make more than one account to do this, is wrong, and I'm sure there are rules against that sort of thing here on DeviantART, but maybe I am mis-remembering older rules. You have exposed yourself by responding and in doing so have made your journal completely hypocritical. You say you're not begging but you're making multiple accounts, begging in Notes to generous users. Not only that but that whole story sounds made up, regarding the sausage. That's the cynic in me, and you're only proving me right.

Again, why can't your mom, or your moms roommate handle that? Again, no logic. You know there's a saying. The deeper you dig the harder it is to get out of. You've dug the Grand Canyon.

I won't stop being generous because of you or anyone else who begs though. Following this I've donated £5000 to a local charity in real life. It's a real shame because if you had been nice instead of negative, I would have given you £1000 through paypal. Take a moment and think about that, and kick yourself for being horrible. You could have had £1000 from me. That's 8710.05 turkish Lira (your main account is from Turkey).

I am providing this proof only the once. When/if I name and shame anyone else who does this with me in the future, I will not provide proof for them, but I will keep proof saved if any DeviantART staff ever needs to ask me for it.

For anyone else who has been in a similar situation with an online beggar, please block them, and don't feel bad about it! Here's a handy article which may or may not help you in these circumstances:…

Totally Terrible Attempt
Well, that's exactly what it is. Nothing more to see here.


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