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dump LVIII - inktober 2015

Ni-Nig sketchdump

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booublik's ink 2018

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Steven Universe Garnet

sakimichan's steven universe

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Not Anymore

Promsien's Ben 10 and Teen titens

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Pencil to ink from ish 45

RyanOttley's Invincible

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Khary's The Black Book

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Khary's Wolverine and The X-Men

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racin' vechile

KharyRandolph's Sketchs

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Kharyrandolph's Chaotic

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Teen Titans Go cover no. 30

Sean galloway's DC Comics covers

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Marvel Minis::Elektra

KharyRandolph's toy desighns

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Lion-O needs help 1

Sean's redesigns of the oooooooooold school

78 deviations
Double Vision

Sean Galloway's Chibis

31 deviations

Sean Galloway 's Girls Girls Girls

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Little Big Heads page 3! (color edit1)

Sean Galloway Little Big Heads

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Bastion's 7 Webcomic page 6!

Sean Galloway's Bastion's 7 Webcomic

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Gumshoes comic sneak peak

Sean Galloway's Gumshoes 4 Hire

24 deviations
Oki and Zero

Sean Galloway's bastion's 7

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BR betrayal

kate fox's Fan-art

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Pose study 37

kate fox's Tutorials, steps and sketches

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Skeletal Study

Courtney Johnson everything else

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Female Butt Study 2

Courtney Johnson lower body

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Pose Reference 38

Courtneysconcepts Torso

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Mermaid Bases

Courtney Johnson's full body and poses

40 deviations

vitlut's fat ladies

12 deviations
thanks :D

loish art work

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luigil's desighs

130 deviations
Male Body Types Tutorial

Phobos-Romulus's anatomy

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Leg Ecorche and Volume Studies

NemoNova's tutorial

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MU Challenge 3, Round 2: Aaricia vs. Ian

nsio's Pose Practices

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Nsio explains: Understanding Proportions

Nsio's tutarial

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ACSO: Ultimate Heat Blast

MHA's ben 10

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Elisa Patte

nesskain's females

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spitfire 7: Nausea

mayakern's girls

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Crossed Arms reference sheet 2

kibbitzer's reference sheets

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jinx-star's human study

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Escort the Payload

Nesskain's overwatch

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Victor Lac 2

Nesskain's men

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Sleeping Dragon

samuelyounart's female faces

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derrickSong's concept art

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Airport Doodles

SauceGhost's art style

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Espio Chameleatsu

zigwolf's sonic

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Beast Boy

zigwolf's teen titens

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Nicktoon Heroes - Rival Leaders

zigwolf's nicktoon heroes

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Cartoon Network - Swords and Axes

zigwolf's cartoon natwork heroes

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zigwolf's danny phantom

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Portshell, RocknRoll, and Ball Weevil

zigwolf's Ben 10

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Claudia Shamha OC commission

phil-cho character desighs

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Cinderella (Earth-27) commission

precia T character designs

27 deviations
Naomi the Wuking Thief

pin up from ignition

31 deviations