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The end of an era......

Hi everybody!

First and foremostly, I want to apologise for any annoyance and frustration this decision has caused anyone, I have decided it is time for me (the founder) and after discussion with other co-founders, we have come to the conclusion that it is time for us to stop accepting submissions, and effectively stop maintaining this group.

But please let me explain, this group has been a fantastic part of my life over the past 6 years. As many of you are aware, I started this group because I myself wanted to find a group that was less about exposure to the artist, and more about finding inspiration, sharing inspiration and tapping into great tutorials and resources. I wanted a group that would be almost like a library of awesome anime girl art! Where you could come to look, learn and share the artwork that you find interesting and unique! Artwork that you can zoom in and study the smallest of details, and tutorials that change the way you think about approaching lineart, painting, background creation etc. ..... I could not find such a group, so I made it myself!

Over the past 6 years, pretty much without fail I have been here on DeviantArt twice a day voting on artwork, writing critique and answering queries. I have met the most fabulous individuals and wonderful people here! Each new co-founder brought a new wave of ideas on how we can improve the group, make the voting more fair and un-biased and how to engage with our members by holding contests.

But time has moved on, I started this in college, continued throughout University and working abroad...but now that I am getting older I need to focus on making myself better in my career and as a person.

Please note that it is with a VERY heavy heart that I am making this decision. I have also decided that although submissions will be stopped, I won't completely demolish the existence of the group, because there is 6 years worth of amazing art and fantastic tutorials here! It would be too much of a waste! Goodness knows I will still use this group! :)

I am very fearful to how you guys will react, I already feel bad for doing this, but I think that I must do it, even though I lack the courage, my life must change and I must grow!

So, finally, thank you again for becoming a member, thank you for participating in our contests (and donating to them too!), thank you for engaging with the group, thank you co-founders, you are my dear friends!

I hope you will all continue to grow as people and as artists, please have courage to make decisions in life that must be made for your happiness and mental health. :)

Warmest Regards,
yupon (founder)
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