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great job i hope to see your art technique and skills will improve and i hope you can continue this impregnate spider chronicle saga an...

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candy the eating girl
Candy ( as was she went by) just didn't see any problem with it.
she was a girl fresh into college, and found the sensation of flavor.
that's all the she really wanted was flavor, not the sense of feeling full, just taste.
after a few weeks in, she started to plump up, but just didn't care. Her friends told her about that she was getting fat, but she just didn't see it.
more and more days went by and bigger and bigger she got.
snacking on anything that came here way.
at 300 pounds in, she started to notice that she couldn't fit into her chairs in class.
she even asked why did they make the desk's smaller.
she walked out of the class with a puzzled look on her face and the teacher just sat there with a stupor on his face.
Candy wasn't a bright girl, far from it.
some guys handed her their meals, when they where done with them, think she would get the joke.
it never hit her that she a trash can.
she just sat there eating away, sometimes reading a book.
on day she bump into a guy and knoc
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RobloxScreenShot06062017215027352 me as bittyheart by bestnathananderson20 RobloxScreenShot06062017215027352 me as bittyheart :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 4 2 161127kisekae by bestnathananderson20 161127kisekae :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 0 0 161123kisekae by bestnathananderson20 161123kisekae :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 0 0 161106kisekae by bestnathananderson20 161106kisekae :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 0 0 621 by bestnathananderson20 621 :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 20 3 27622 Vocaloid Hatsune Miku by bestnathananderson20 27622 Vocaloid Hatsune Miku :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 5 4 161015kisekae by bestnathananderson20 161015kisekae :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 0 0 madoka magica neko ^W^ by bestnathananderson20 madoka magica neko ^W^ :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 2 0 161011kisekae by bestnathananderson20 161011kisekae :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 0 7 WIN 20160105 19 18 58 Pro by bestnathananderson20 WIN 20160105 19 18 58 Pro :iconbestnathananderson20:bestnathananderson20 0 2


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Inner Moka vs The IS Girls: Know Your Place! by ShegoXP Inner Moka vs The IS Girls: Know Your Place! :iconshegoxp:ShegoXP 64 1,009
Magician's Code
"You know I hate these things right? I mean don't take this the wrong way but I just like magic shows."
"Aw come on Grace I heard this guy is amazing! Besides I brought you to a free show what is there to complain about?"
Grace and her friend Lauren sat in their cushioned auditorium chairs as lights beamed on the stage in front of them and the last stragglers made their way in and into their seats.
"But they don't even serve food or drinks here what's the appeal?" Grace asked.
"It's just a show Gracie," Lauren said smiling, "No need to get hammered to enjoy it.
Grace turned her head away to get a good look at the people walking and the rest of the theater.
It was a nice place, red velvet rugs that matched the seat cushions. Gleaming lights on each of the wall as well as the ceiling that lit up the room. There were 6 sections of chairs, not for a huge audience but good size crowd if there was a sellout. The stage was jet black as well as the wall in the back, probably to disguise some o
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Kuro Chibi by foxykuro Kuro Chibi :iconfoxykuro:foxykuro 272 35
Brooke's Shower Accident 5
Brooke and Allie both were laying atop their massive bellies, still with hoses in their mouths, being consistently filled more and more with water when they heard a voice. Brooke was facing the opposite direction but Allie turned her head to the voice and just froze, not knowing what to say or do while in her current state in front of the stranger.
It was a girl, about Brooke's age. She had short, brown hair, a thin figure, and a freckled face. She walked between the girls and in front of Brooke. "Whatcha doin' having some water balloon fun without me-" She cut her own sentence short when she saw the hoses in the girl's mouths. "Wait..." She pressed down on what she thought was a giant water balloon, causing Brooke to moan and flail whilst under the hose's water pressure. The girl spoke again with widened eyes. "Oh my God... This is your belly?! No way!" She ripped the hose out of Brooke's mouth. "How did you do this?"
Brooke was coughed loudly, trying not to choke on water and respond
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Brooke's Shower Accident 4
Both sisters decided to get up around 7 the next morning. They knew what was ahead of them for the day and knew they would need at least a few hours to recover from it. Brooke had agreed to fill her belly once more, only this time would be with Allie doing the same with her.
Brooke woke to the sound of her alarm clock and got out of bed. After undressing, she quickly put on a pair of black spandex shorts and a matching sports bra. "I don't want to stretch out another one of my shirts again..." she thought to herself while looking in a mirror before heading to the living room.
Allie was already awake and dressed in similar spandex shorts to her sister along with a light blue t-shirt and her hair tied up in a ponytail. She sat on the sofa with her one hand holding up her shirt a little and the other feeling her once again flat stomach with a worried look on her face.
Brooke walked up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Morning sis!" She said with a slight smile. "You're up early.
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Brooke's Shower Accident 3
Brooke's little sister, Allie, had agreed to be the next one to fill herself up in place of her sister and today was the day. She was quite timid about the whole thing all day and didn't really know what to think of it. Meanwhile, Brooke was super excited to finally get her revenge for her sister's blackmail.
Allie slowly approached her sister, who was watching TV at the time, and tapped her on the shoulder. "Umm... H- Hey sis..?"
Brooke turned her head and looked at her sister. "Yeah? What's up? You ready?"
Allie nodded her head and Brooke turned off the TV and stood up.
"Alright!" Brooke responded. "You know where to go." She grinned as her sister grabbed a chair and walked to the bathroom. Brooke grabbed something from a kitchen drawer and followed her, preferring to stand up this time.
Allie set her chair down and held the shower hose in front of her, taking a deep breath. "Are you sure I can do this? Wouldn't it be better if you do it instead of me?"
Brooke leaned in the doorway a
:iconmrtester:MrTester 162 6
Brooke's Shower Accident 2
It had been a full day since Brooke's "little" shower accident happened and her little sister, Allie, not only found out, but also only agreed to keep her secret if she did it again once their parents left the house for the night.
Brooke's belly had gone back to normal by morning but she was thinking about the evening all day. She constantly was reminded of how full she was and had gotten a small fear of possibly popping. As much as she wanted to back out, she knew she couldn't because her sister would spread word of what happened.
Her parents had just closed the door and her sister didn't take two seconds to run up to Brooke with a huge grin on her face.
"Hey sis!" Allie's grin widened. "Guess what time it is?" She smirked and gave Brooke's tummy a poke.
Brooke let out a deep sigh and responded. "I know..." She began walking to the bathroom with her sister as slowly as she could. "A- are you sure there's nothing else I can do?" She said nervously.
"Nope! But you don't need to take a s
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Brooke's Shower Accident
Brooke was really just your average girl; 17 years old. She had long, dark brown, straightened hair with dark blue on the end. Her body was fairly small; short in height, slim figure, and little, perky breasts to match. But she was content with what she had in herself.
It was a Friday night. Brooke always took a shower right before bed and tonight was no different.
She turned on the water to a medium to low heat since she liked her showers more on the cooler side. Brooke removed her clothes and stepped into the shower, moments later, washing herself.
After a few minutes, she got a little thirsty. So she tilted her head up and opened her mouth for a drink. She didn't get much and wasn't satisfied. But Brooke was a smart girl. She got decent grades. So her first instinct was to remove the shower-head to get a steady, single stream of water.
Upon twisting the shower-head, she heard a squeak before it fell to the tiled shower floor. Even though it missed her feet, Brooke still gasped and l
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Pampered Princess's colored by nitemare99 Pampered Princess's colored :iconnitemare99:nitemare99 603 21 Pregnant Empress Shirley by nitemare99 Pregnant Empress Shirley :iconnitemare99:nitemare99 392 15 Oil me up Abyss gift colored by nitemare99 Oil me up Abyss gift colored :iconnitemare99:nitemare99 484 6


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whats up guys bestnathananderson20 here and just to give you an update of how im going and its almost thanksgiving and im looking forward to it and uh ever since my friend committed suicide and im still impacted from that so uh yeah and hope youll have a good thanksgiving too and i have some friends who rp with me and the name who like video and voice chat with me is davidalan101 which is my roblox friend and uh dont forget to mention that bittyhearthelium's my roblox friend to and plus i do errotic roleplays with david and im verry glad to have a friend who has discord and so yeah and ill see you in the next update this is bestnathananderson20 signing off *wiggles tounge* BYE!


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i like henti

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