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My birthday is march 16th. ( As you may know. ;3 ) 

But guess what?

But it's also a way for me to give back to you guys, all who have given me such amazing support through this last year.

How do I support you back?

    1. You must be a watcher. (psst new watchers are welcome
  • if you unwatch me after this i will be very upset :c only watch me if you will support me in any way (comments, faves, whatever) in the future. Ghosts aren't for me
    2. Do anything for my birthday for me ON TOP OF wishing me happy birthday c: such as:
    • Gift me Core of any length
    • Donate points ( Has to be 10 or more if you ONLY do this )
    • Give me a cake badge
    • Design a character (link below)
    • Draw Fan-art (link below)
    • ETC ( Ask below about anything else i may be forgetting c: )

What do you get out of this again?




What kind of features?
  1. feature via journal
  2. Feature via my live-streams ( Which I get a decent viewership c:
    1. (this may air the day of my birthday, the weekend, or a week after. It depends, and I will notify you guys via a status update! c: )
  3. A Lovely shout-out via my status-updates, publicly thanking you all.
  4. I will do social media features upon request c;
Dinobolt6 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
I'm afraid I can only give you points and a cake badge for your birthday.  Is that alright?  Also I don't draw but I have a lot of commissions done by other artists, all of which feature my original characters.  Would you still be willing to feature them?

I'll be sure to give you your gifts tomorrow morning.
boybig5411 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Student General Artist
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