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Angel Zone OCT Erich Kaiser ref sheet

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Name: Erich Kaiser

Age: 27

Height: 5'4"

Decades after a devastating apocalypse, society has rebuilt itself into various territories, however much of the land is unclaimed wasteland filled with vast amounts of resources leading to large amounts of conflict between nations and with the bandits that live in these areas. Most of these conflicts are settled with wars including mechs.

Ever since childhood, Erich wanted to be a legendary mech pilot just like his father. He trained as hard as he could, graduating top of his class at the academy. When he finally became a pilot, he was stationed at a base called Fort Bixon. It was so well armed that attacking Fort Bixon was considered suicidal. As a result, no one expected it to be attack, and unfortunately, let their guard down when it inevitably was by bandits. Realizing that it was a losing fight, Erich ran away, becoming the sole survivor. The government was less concerned with the causalities and more so with the PR disaster of one of their bases being overrun so easily, so they made up a fake story about Erich being a war hero who defeated the bandits to distract the media, giving him the title of honorary lieutenant. His dreams of becoming a well respected pilot were crushed as any military official who knew the truth saw him as a fraud and a joke while he held none of the authority of a real lieutenant. Still, he serves his duty as lieutenant in the Gaia Republic Army, day by day, mission by mission, in the hopes that he can eventually shed his bad reputation.

- is a very caring person, always worrying about his comrades, but he usually hides this with a very grouchy exterior. 

- prefers to rationalize things by applying logic to them but is open minded enough to understand things might not always make logical sense

- likes to avoid fights but is not naive nor a pacifist and will gladly throw the first punch when up against a foe he knows he can't reason with

- being in the public eye for so long, Erich has developed a separate celebrity personality which is more cheery and upbeat. He only uses it on people he's trying to impress or people who are extremely gullible

- not afraid to fight dirty or resort cheap tactics to achieve his goals, the one exception is that he hates winning by sheer luck

Erich's mech: a severely outdated light class mech with a machine gun and cannon. The cannon's ammo is finite consisting of 5 normal explosive rounds, 3 incendiary, 3 cryogenic, and 2 tear gas. The tear gas rounds can be used outside of the mech as grenades. 

derringer: a two shot pistol. the ultimate weapon, just sneak up behind someone, shoot them, and take their weapon.

survival bag: contains various items one would need while stranded in the waste land including rope, a knife, a medical kit, and a few ration pills.

hook shot gloves: intended to allow pilots to climb into their building sized mechs easier, but any pilot worth their salt knows how to use it in other situations like combat, and Erich is no exception.

- sharp reflexes

- an analytical tactician

- sharp wit

- skilled at driving any land based vehicles, not just mechs

- uses mech sparingly to avoid wasting ammo and fuel

- panics when he feels like he losing control of the situation

- his hand to hand combat experience is very basic. his attacks are very predictable and easy to counter

- judgement can get clouded by arrogance

- occasional reading in solitude

- jazz

- bandits

- winning by sheer luck

- guilt
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