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Well, Twinsen again. =)
Twinsen using Protection Spell, Emperor Sword in Agressive Behavior.

Why about 10 years went to past since we first met, but I still love Twinsen? I think ... cause Twinsen is awesome. He is my hero forever! Till the moment when I'll die!

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best picture ever, wondering if it is on full size? I mean its cutted on botton and left side

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Hello. Unfortunatly, that's full and just a quick old sketch.

See my modern Twinsen here! :D

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Twinsen! :happybounce: I miss him so much. I wish that there could be a LBA3. :(
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Oh, I hope too. That's very amazing memories. ) Do you wanna see my other LBA art? ^^'
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I've looked at some of your other LBA art and it does look very nice! :D
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*3* Thanks! I had a nice time when I drew them. ^__^
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That's a nice drawing :D
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Thanks-thanks. Nice avatar. :D
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Twinsen love for life!
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Nobody can protest!!! :D
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Heh, heh! Sweet! :D
I love that old game - and indeed, the sword is my favoured weapon. I prefer it to the Magic Ball - with which I always seem to miss the bad guys, even at fairly close-range!
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Yep, Magic-Ball is awesomiest!! The weapon of begining and ending. Do you remember - Twinsen leave emperor's sword at the end, inside Dark Monk's statue. But Magic-Ball, I think, still waiting for a new adventure... placed at the wooden barrel at the Twinsen's home. =))) (that's too cute :XD:)
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Yeah, the Magic Ball is very handy, indeed... ;)
Just - as I say - I have trouble aiming with it. One reason I seem to favour mêlée fighting - with the sword! :D
(And I always thought it a pity that he left it behind at Dark Monk's statue - it was a fine well-balanced blade)
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> Just - as I say - I have trouble aiming with it.
Yeah, I have a good practice with it and now (even I not play in LBA so long time ago) I have good accuracy. I can took the aim on distance throw. XD
But you are right too. Sword is very good. Elegant, classic and more physical than Magic-Ball. :XD:
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I could probably have used more practice - though the ball is easier to aim in LBA2 when you can change the perspective to see where you're aiming. :XD:
Trouble with the first game is that it's all isometric - you can only guess where it's going by throwing it once, then waiting ages for it to come back to try again... ^^;

Danbuster: I like swords! :D *brandishes his own sabre*
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Twinsen!!! :dance: Nice job!
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Господи, Твинсен)
Сразу детство вспоминается)
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=) понимаю...
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Go Twinsen!! :heart:
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I'm "Kobold" from Magic Ball Network and I already said it there, but this picture is great! :)
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Hi! =) I remember you. Glad to see you here=)
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