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I drew it Keldeo for my site Vselennaya Pokemonov (Pokemon Universe). We have no Keldeo's, Meloetta's and Genesect's official art yet, so I share with fans their appearance, that can be possible similar.

Genesect art
Meloetta art

Keldeo © by Nintendo
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Nice My Little Pony OC
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Dear, that's not a ml-pony. That is Keldeo, a pokemon specie, based on a usual pony.
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I know that just seeing if anyone else sees the resemblance.
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Awesome Keldeo you draw, I think I like it.

Keldeo is my favorite.
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*invites keldeo to dodge ball match* and we won
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Love "likes". :D
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Keldeo has very sharp horn.
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Mark your calendars, because a Keldeo event has been confirmed for august 27 at game stop.
That is really Amazing! May I use this for a post Template on You would be given credit for the Artwork on the Finished product.
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Yes, why not. :P
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я просто фигею с твоего арта) как у тебя так получается)))
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Ну ладно там ... есть намного больше и более классных изображений Кельдео. :)
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врёте, ваша по сравнению с той что по ссылке просто детские каракули =)
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не спорю, моя - детские каракули. :)
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нет) ваша лучше)
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May I use it for a banner?
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Да, мне тоже нравится. Цвета, формы, настроение самое то. =)
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что-то я на слове "формы" зависла :))
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Another perfect drawing! :D
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