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Thank you in advance for following our rules!

Mature Art

Mature art, as defined here, is not allowed. Guild Wars 1 and 2 are violent games, so we do allow graphic images (like those that show weapons cutting bodies, for example). However, overly gruesome, detailed images of things like dismembered body parts or excessive amounts of blood, will not be allowed.

Sexual themes are allowed, but to a point. Images of hugging, kissing, and even sex are allowed. However it must be done with the 'naughty bits' conveniently covered.


The folder system is simple.
Follow this process:

1.) We do not accept literature; sorry, but just do not submit it or it will be rejected.
2.) If your picture is a screenshot (edited or not), it goes in the "Screenshots" category.
3.) If your picture has more than one character in it (not including pets) it goes in the "Couples or Groups" category.
4.) If your picture has zero characters in it (it can include pets), it goes in the "Environments" category.
5.) If your picture contains only one character (this includes playable characters, non-player characters, etc. but does NOT include pets). If you have more than one character, proceed to the appropriate of the following categories.
---"Non-Player Characters"

On Being the "Best"

We have a certain standard of art that we are trying to uphold for this group. The goal is to limit what you will be seeing in your inbox so that you are not overwhelmed with too many submissions. For this reason, some submissions are going to be rejected and we apologize in advance. We are truly sorry in advance for any inconvenience or disappointment. We are very appreciative of every submission and encourage you to continue submitting. Even if a piece is denied, that does not mean another will definitely be!

That said, we are not going to comment on every picture that is rejected due to this standard. It is simply too much work for us to comment on each individual submission.


Basically you are not allowed to do things that would make other members uncomfortable or make our group look bad. I doubt most people will need much more explanation than that. Just keep it civil or we may have to take action.

And definitely do not comment in the group to ask why your deviation was declined. You will be ignored.



Group Info

This group is the home of the best Guild Wars fanart around, both from Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2. Everyone is warmly welcomed to join and watch. This will not be a group spamming you with art; it will be one that is a joy to see in your watched deviations inbox!

If you think you are the crème de la crème, feel free to submit your art to see if you are accepted to the main gallery! We are looking for art of high technical skill as well as art that is exceptionally innovative or ingenious! Or maybe just flat-out funny or endearing. Whatever the case, if you think you are exceptional, please submit!
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260 Members
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Greetings BoGW Members!

Our first step is complete: we have accumulated the vast majority of the great Guild Wars pieces published on DeviantArt as of today.  Daily, I am also checking new submissions to add to the group.  So the group is officially completely up and running.  However, there are still a few things we need to take care of.

1.) Members and Watchers
We have not yet recruited for the group, so our membership as well as simply awareness of our group are low.  In the coming weeks and months I will be promoting the group so that others are more guaranteed to submit their best works, and everyone can enjoy our gallery.

2.) Leadership
Right now I, the founder, am the only administrator.  In an average group this might not be too big of a problem as long as the responsibilities are taken care of.  However in a "Best Of" group I agree with what many people probably think: one person should not solely decide what is the best art out there.  It should be a group vote.  However, I also want any admins to be well qualified and active in doing their jobs.  Therefore I am going to wait until the group takes off and gains more members before recruiting administrators.  I will promote fellow admins as soon as I am assured they are the right people for the jobs; Not any sooner or later!

I hope that you are all enjoying the gallery. Please feel free to submit pieces and tell your friends about the group. Once these two objectives above are completed, we will move on to the next steps: creating activities, contests, etc.  So stay tuned!

Oh yeah! And I hope you enjoyed the beta!!

Huzzah for Sylvari Females :heart:
-- SarraDarling

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