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Turning a Lizard Humanoid into a Kaiju
Hey everyone I am looking for anyone in this group who can turn this OC that belongs to one of the most recent new group members of my group into a giantess and therefore also a female Kaiju, this is the character in question , she belongs to , and he has told me that he himself will not be making any of his characters into giantesses anytime soon but he does not mind other artists doing so as long as you state the characters rightfully belong to him and you first get his permission to draw his characters before doing so. I myself am not very good at drawing which is exactly why I am looking for someone who can draw this character as giantess and do a damn good job of it, so if there is anyone here in our group who can please contact me by sending me a note, I am willing to pay in either one real money via PayPal or deviantart points. Here is the link to my page, https://virtuafighter49.deviantart.c
:iconvirtuafighter49:virtuafighter49 3 14
[Gift] Jennie's BIG Surprise! by Jennie-zilla [Gift] Jennie's BIG Surprise! :iconjennie-zilla:Jennie-zilla 54 177 MMD - Alexis Wants To Play With Pedro! by kjl03 MMD - Alexis Wants To Play With Pedro! :iconkjl03:kjl03 51 44 Collab - Angelena and Alana by GTPS2Productions Collab - Angelena and Alana :icongtps2productions:GTPS2Productions 31 7 Special Draw: Jennie and the Colossal Angelena! by kjl03 Special Draw: Jennie and the Colossal Angelena! :iconkjl03:kjl03 42 252 99th Watch Prize: Angelena meets Jennie! by kjl03 99th Watch Prize: Angelena meets Jennie! :iconkjl03:kjl03 40 95 Drawing: Alexis Grew Too Big, Again! by kjl03 Drawing: Alexis Grew Too Big, Again! :iconkjl03:kjl03 56 182 31, 000 Pageviews Special : Gigantic Chibi Sisters by kjl03 31, 000 Pageviews Special : Gigantic Chibi Sisters :iconkjl03:kjl03 23 74 On Angelena's Ankle by ArthurT2015 On Angelena's Ankle :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 139 76 The Tiny Angelena (Colored) by Jennie-zilla The Tiny Angelena (Colored) :iconjennie-zilla:Jennie-zilla 31 10 [Request] ABD: Alexis's Gigantic Growth (Colored) by Jennie-zilla [Request] ABD: Alexis's Gigantic Growth (Colored) :iconjennie-zilla:Jennie-zilla 70 37
The Ultimate Treasure Hunting Quest RP
Story: "Welcome to the world of magic and quests where you can find treasure and team up with allies of many shapes and sizes and such but when there is allies there are the nonhuman characters who are the evil boss characters who will do anything to destroy the realm and have all the riches of the realms for themselves will you and your giant allies fight the monsters who will take over the realms and save the realms to restore peace? well then let's find out as this RPG RP Prompt is about to be told!"
Characters that will be the ally along with giant sized allies in your quest to save the realms:
Anime Characters:
A) Female Anime Characters
B) Male Anime Characters
Cartoon Characters:
A) Female Cartoon Characters
B) Male Cartoon Characters
Video Game Characters:
A) Female Video Game Characters
B) Male Video Game Characters
A) Female OCs
B) Male OCs
My OCs:
A) Mareta Dupain Cheng
B) Other OCs of mine
No 18+
No Sexual Content
RPG Elements Allowed
Pokemon Gijinkas and Digimo
:iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 3 417
Lizzie, the Gentle Giantess
It was a fine and lovely summer day. The sun was shining brightly, the air was nice and cool, for once, and there was not a single cloud in the sky.
Lily and Zoe were out taking a bit of a walk with each other. It had been the first time that either one of the two friends had seen each other in a few days now and they were looking forward to catching up with each other.
The two girls were out walking through the middle of the city, heading straight for one of the many parks that was located right in the middle of the city itself. When they finally managed to reach the park, both girls looked and couldn't help but notice a very familiar figure sitting on the ground, straight ahead of them.
Sitting there, relaxing on a big enough blanket, under the shade of a very large tree, was their good friend Jennie. She was sitting there with a picnic basket right beside her too, which actually really confused both girls, as they came closer to her.
Lily: *whispering* That's Jennie! What's she doin
:iconjennie-zilla:Jennie-zilla 18 25
Ultrawoman Ladybug VS. Ultrawoman Miss Fortune by AnimeArtist154ever Ultrawoman Ladybug VS. Ultrawoman Miss Fortune :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 7 31
Junko Enoshima's Castle DanganRonpa GT/GTS RP
Story: (now narrated by Junko Enoshima the main boss)
Junko: welcome to my castle now for those who are brave enough to face the castle itself I have all the Ultimate Talents in my command as Giants ever since they were in my magic power in each corridor of my castle however this castle contains puzzles and survival and challenges if you would survive at least if you have allies you can choose....
Characters from DanganRonpa Series as the giant guards that live in the castle:
A) Male DanganRonpa Characters
B) Female DanganRonpa Characters
No 18+
No Sexual Content
Switching Allowed
DanganRonpa OCs Allowed
:iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 6 552
Ultragirl Sayaka Maizono RP DanganRonpa+Tokusatsu
Note: this RP story contains spoilers for DanganRonpa Series so enjoy
Other Note: Ultragirl Sayaka Maizono is Ultraman Geed's older sister in this RP story
Story: "Somewhere in the streets of Tokyo Japan there is the Ultimate Pop Sensation named Sayaka Maizono (link for those who want to know about her singing in front of the crowds at night with her back up idols but that's when things began to change for her career when the evil kaiju and villains of other universes (anime video games cartoons and other tokusatsu series) begin to attack Tokyo the citizens ran away out of fear and Sayaka had no choice but to flee the scene until she heard the cries of Leon Kuwata screaming for help as he got kidnapped by one of the villains that is when Sayaka felt was burning justice and valor ready to face the greatest danger in order to save Tokyo and her friends, family and even the ones she met in the past and with that she summons her Ultra Cryst
:iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 6 74
So... Slight change of plans. I decided to move the start date for Giantess of the Year votes to today. Now, with that out of the way... Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first annual Giantess of the Year competition!!!!! With your host/admin Ashton Finel! Here are our lucky contestants!

Our first contestant is :iconkjl03: and :iconmariosonicmoon: 's OC Alexis!

Our next contestant is :iconjoethevenezuelan: 's OC Linda!

Our third contestant is :icontokusa1971: 's OC Ella!

And our fourth and final contestant is :iconmspaintgts: 's OC June!

Here are the rules:

1. Only 1 vote per person.
2. If your OC is a contestant, you ARE NOT allowed to vote, however you CAN give your OCs encouragement.

Post your vote in the comments. Voting ends November 24, 2017, at which time I will announce the winner. Let the competition...... BEGIN!!!

Good luck.

Forgot to mention. Winner gets a free drawing request from me.
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