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Gallery Folders

Strawberry Chiffon by Ariida-chi
Saturn Star 2.0 by SpokenMind93
moonlightblossom by siagia
Just a Shadow of Mine by Pimander1446
ES: nEvermore 036 by EStories
ES: nEvermore 035 by EStories
ES: nEvermore 034 by EStories
ES: nEvermore 033 by EStories
Bay Breeze
YCH I had a nightmare... (Result) by Nika-Rain
[Ych result] pony in a tea cup by Cloud-Fly
Ych commission by Pledus
Peek-a-bow! by EmbersLament
Cherry Bloom
Bundled Up YCH for StarlightLore 3 by tubachic
In the Loud House by StarlightLore
Sakura by Exceru-Karina
My Little Cutie Batch #57 by Ipun
Chocolate Chip
Chip tight [Gift] by HirundoArvensis
Chibi Choco by xSidera
Choco Portrait by xSidera
My favourite cookie [Gift] by HirundoArvensis
Cuddle Bug
ES' Stable 33: ''Stable Shorts 027'' by EStories
flyin' by BoredomCake
Animated Pony Commission: Fire Strike + 2 by MAJORA64
Fire Strike
Friendship Cafe: Fire Strike and Precious Metal by Ipun
Friendship Cafe: Fire Strike by Ipun
Commission: Fire Strike by Slasharu
Nothing for that by Rapid9
Ice Dreams
Pony town-Ice dreams by Miiishy
Ice bae by Miiishy
RoboDreams by Miiishy
the seasons of the year by Miiishy
Iris and McGack
YCH for McGack! by lizardwow

Mature Content

Commission From Ezariel by McGack
I got a new dawgee by HulaHoopLAL
mlp plushie commissions KYUFLAKE by CINNAMON-STITCH
YCH commission pony by JoonandIzya666
Luminesce by Miss-Bow
Melon Pop
Neigh-Apolitan "Polly"
Polly the Moonicorn by krowzivitch
Opalescent Pearl
Mother's Day 2018 by Tambelon
Precious Sands
FanArt Friday #3 by SeiAni
Rainjay Swann
Rainjay Swann by spottie-dots
Rayva Flat Headshot 2019 by MousehMakes
ES: A(pple)ffection! 135 - EPILOGUE 1/4 by EStories
Spotted Rhythm
Spotted Rhythm Reference Sheet 2018 by spottie-dots
All Other OCs
Patch for Slasharu by MousehMakes
All Other OCs 2
First meeting by Breakdream
All Other OCs 3
Auraverse: Slumber Party by kindheart525
OC Fanfiction
Past Sins: Tainted Blessing P10 by SpokenMind93
All Other OCs 4
Auraverse: Etheria by kindheart525

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Rules regarding Folder Nominations and Voting can be found here…

:bulletblue: Do not request a folder for your OC or anyone else's OC. Near the end of the month, everyone has a chance to nominate their OC or anyone else's OC for their own folder.
:bulletblue: Do not ask to be made a contributor or administrator. Pretty self-explanatory.
:bulletblue: Please submit to the correct gallery folder.
:bulletblue: Do not submit to Featured or suggest a fave. All of these will be declined.
:bulletblue: We accept all art from pony generator to mature. HOWEVER, we will not be accepting any Mature art missing the mature tag, or if it breaks any of dA's rules.
:bulletblue: Do not advertise on our homepage. We have a feature folder that is available for you to submit to. All advertisements will be hidden.
:bulletblue: Be respectful. Love and Tolerate. You get the drift.


Q: What is this group about?

A: This group's goal is to feature some of the best pony OCs in the deviantART community. While all OCs are allowed to have art in the group, we have separate folders for OCs who have been nominated by us for their familiarity and standing within the art community . This does not mean that your OC is any less awesome if he or she does not have a folder!

Q: My OC does not have his/her own folder. Can I submit art to the 'All Other OCs' folder?

A: YES! That is exactly what the folder is for - featuring all OCs who may not have enough art for their own folder or who have not been nominated for their own folder.

Q: What do I need in order to join the group?

A:Anyone can join as long as they draw their own OCs or fanart/commissions of another person OCs! Simply click to join and you're in!

Have a question? Send it to quila111 and she'll be happy to help! Enjoy the group!









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SpokenMind93 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to let you guys know that a very active member of the community, named Etherium-Apex has been shown to be a supporter of the pedophile PurpleFlix.

I hope that you'll take this message seriously and that you will block/ban him from posting and/or discussing.

Viva-Indigo Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, is this group still active?  Everything I've been submitting lately just expires. ;__;
quila111 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hi there! It's only me now accepting submissions for a while now so it's honestly next to inactive. Today I'm going to make a journal asking for help with accepting submissions which I hope will help get submissions in at a quicker rate at least.
GesztenyeTorta Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2019
Hi. I'm looking for an MLP RP community. Can you please help?
quila111 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2019  Professional General Artist
Hi there! While I don't know of any personally, if you wanted to make a journal looking for one and submit it to our Advertisement folder I'd be more than happy to include it to our gallery, and hopefully one of our watchers will be able to point you in the right direction :)
GesztenyeTorta Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2019
Thank you :)
Valtyrian Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2019
hello all, hope everyone has enjoyed my fanfics. I post regularly on my fimfiction page. Valtyrian - Fimfiction  and i'll try to keep up here and on my deviant page as well. please let me know if you enjoy my stories. I love hearing feed back
quila111 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2019  Professional General Artist
Thank you for sharing your story! Be sure to also submit it to our Literacy folder so more people can view it :) Not sure how many people actually check out our home page and wouldn't want you missing out on potential viewers :)
Valtyrian Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2019
Thanks, I've already got chapters 1 and 2 added to the folder
Azurllinate Featured By Owner Edited Jan 10, 2019  Student Digital Artist
What a pretty group, does the artwork have to be purely OC, or can a canon character feature in with the OC? :)
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