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Gallery Folders

Strawberry Chiffon by Ariida-chi
Saturn Star 2.0 by SpokenMind93
moonlightblossom by siagia
Just a Shadow of Mine by Pimander1446
Pony Adopt : Closed by SyT-Adopts
!OPEN! angery pony YCH auction by yyyyuuunno
Kirin OTA {4/4} by curledcreations
[Point/ Paypal] Pony Commission Price OPEN by Inlaru
ES: Find Yourself 260 by EStories
ES: Find Yourself 259 by EStories
ES: Find Yourself 258 by EStories
ES: Find Yourself 257 by EStories
Bay Breeze
Lake (ych) by IceCapers
Bay Breeze (Commission) by ThePossumface
Commission\68\ by AiriniBlock
Bay Breeze by xWhiteDreamsx
Cherry Bloom
Sakura by Exceru-Karina
BattlePose by Creshosk
My Little Cutie Batch #57 by Ipun
Lets Hold Hands Project by Ipun
Chocolate Chip
Chibi Choco by xSidera
Choco Portrait by xSidera
My favourite cookie [Gift] by HirundoArvensis
Sunset Flight by xSidera
Cheshire Grin and Glasgow
Gift: Cheshire Grin by Miss-Bow
Trade: Glasgow by Miss-Bow
20 Minutes into Netflix and Chill by xMetalKitty
art trade with xMetalKitty by DigitalBuckShot
Cloud Melody
I Hate Manedays by LolliponyBrony
Melody by frostykat13
Merry Christmas! by frostykat13
Cloud Melody Wallpaper by radiiiance
Cobalt Tangle
Happy Birthday Naz by Khimi-chan
Cobalt by PyroDarknessANNY
Gift: The game by Wenyos
cobalt tangle by xWhiteDreamsx
Crispy Flocon
Heavy breathing by Geeflakes-art

Mature Content

Crispy's night bath by Geeflakes-art
Crispy's Valentine by Geeflakes-art

Mature Content

Quiet as the snow by Geeflakes-art
Crystal Tranquility
Crystal Tranquility by Jojuki-chan
Cuddle Bug
G: Cuddle Bug by MoonlightBlume
Dream Cloud
Dream Cloud [C] by LadyKochou
Evening Howler
CM:: I did it! by quila111
Evening Song
Evening Song by Prince-Lionel
Gift Commission: Fable by Wilvarin-Liadon
Fairy Ring
Summer Fun OC Contest by LilyWinterharp
Fire Strike
x103 by Lostbellchime
Forty Winks
Forty Winks by idioticbat
Bridge by ThaMutt
Hawaiian Breeze
Hawaiian Breeze by forty-6
Ice Dreams
Pony town-Ice dreams by Miiishy
Iris and McGack
YCH for McGack! by lizardwow
Kyu Flake [gift] by Aurialudzic
Lace Ribbon
Lace Ribbon by MagicaRin
Lollipop Swirl
Lollipop Swirl by art-for-eternity
CSSC: Lore Hoshi by Ipun
Lotus Plaza
G:: I'm So Slow But Cuties by quila111
Luminesce by Miss-Bow
Melody Breeze
Melly Moo by XNightMelody
Melon Pop
Melon Pop (YCH) by Emstylauzer
Moonlight Blossom
Moonlight by Shinystarrs
Neigh-Apolitan "Polly"
Polly the Moonicorn by fireflytwinkletoes
Opalescent Pearl
Mother's Day 2018 by Tambelon
Pastel Tanzanite
[COMM] Pastel Tanzanite for AmcthystPenguin (2/2) by CrystalPonyArt7669
Peppy Pines
Peppu by Wicklesmack
Precious Metal
Sweet Lady by YokoKinawa
Precious Sands
Walking on Water by Halabaluu
Rainjay Swann
Rainjay Swann by spottie-dots
Commission - MousehMakes by Mdragonflame
Saturn Star
Saturn Star by DVixie
ES: A(pple)ffection! 067 by EStories
Spectral Night
Speccy spec spec by Pinipy
Spotted Rhythm
Spotted Rhythm Reference Sheet 2018 by spottie-dots
Star Struck
| oc | Be my Senpai and Kohai by ArcadianPhoenix
Strawberry Chiffon
Strawberry Chiffon by LadyUnilove
Sweet Velvet
RPG Maker VX/ACE MLP Sprites-Sweet Velvet by BlackLiquidSrw
Teary Choir
[[mini]] teary choir | for banifi by sevenspirals
All Other OCs
Patch for Slasharu by MousehMakes
All Other OCs 2
First meeting by Breakdream
All Other OCs 3
067 Machoke by SpokenMind93



Rules regarding Folder Nominations and Voting can be found here…

:bulletblue: Do not request a folder for your OC or anyone else's OC. Near the end of the month, everyone has a chance to nominate their OC or anyone else's OC for their own folder.
:bulletblue: Do not ask to be made a contributor or administrator. Pretty self-explanatory.
:bulletblue: Please submit to the correct gallery folder.
:bulletblue: Do not submit to Featured or suggest a fave. All of these will be declined.
:bulletblue: We accept all art from pony generator to mature. HOWEVER, we will not be accepting any Mature art missing the mature tag, or if it breaks any of dA's rules.
:bulletblue: Do not advertise on our homepage. We have a feature folder that is available for you to submit to. All advertisements will be hidden.
:bulletblue: Be respectful. Love and Tolerate. You get the drift.


Q: What is this group about?

A: This group's goal is to feature some of the best pony OCs in the deviantART community. While all OCs are allowed to have art in the group, we have separate folders for OCs who have been nominated by us for their familiarity and standing within the art community . This does not mean that your OC is any less awesome if he or she does not have a folder!

Q: My OC does not have his/her own folder. Can I submit art to the 'All Other OCs' folder?

A: YES! That is exactly what the folder is for - featuring all OCs who may not have enough art for their own folder or who have not been nominated for their own folder.

Q: What do I need in order to join the group?

A:Anyone can join as long as they draw their own OCs or fanart/commissions of another person OCs! Simply click to join and you're in!

Have a question? Send it to quila111 and she'll be happy to help! Enjoy the group!









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TigerLion101 Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Are Alicorn OCs allowed here?
My main OC is an Alicorn, even though I wouldn't call her a mary-sue.
I know a lot of people dislike Alicorn OCs, just for the fact that they are Alicorns.
My OC is only an Alicorn for the fact that it suited her backstory and current situation!
But, if they're not allowed, that's ok too! I'll just post other OCs here instead!
Creshosk Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One OC with their own folder that's been around here for quite a while:…

So yeah, this place is Alicorn OC accepting. :)
TigerLion101 Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh ok! Thanks for letting me know!
TheKittyWithSocks Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello everyone! I'm new and i hope all can be fine QwQ ! 

I'm a bit stressfull.. Q3Q
quila111 Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Professional General Artist
Sorry for the late comment, but welcome to the group! Feel free to shoot us a message if you have any questions, and enjoy :)
YokoKinawa Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2018
"All other OC 2" Folder it's full ;w; ....
Dawnrex15 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
What happened to the monthly contests?
quila111 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Professional General Artist
Long story short, it became too much for us admins to keep up with monthly, plus there was less and less engagement each time we hosted it. 
Dawnrex15 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, okay. Sorry to hear that.
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