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We accept all submissions to our favorites, so submit away!


Feel free to send an affiliation request, we will always accept!:heart:

Group Info and Rules


Our amazing group icon was made by the wonderful xChikushodo

:spotlight-left: Welcome to best-dogs! :spotlight-right:

Want to Join? Just send a join request! But before you start submitting, lets cover the ground rules...

:damphyr: First off, this group is for domestic dog photography only
:damphyr: Also, this group is for your best photographs only so please don't get discouraged if one of you deviations gets declined
:damphyr: You are free to ask questions regarding why a deviation was declined, I would hate to leave anyone without an explanation. But don't throw a temper tantrum or you will get kicked out immediately
:damphyr: I've listed all the reasons why a deviation may be declined below these rules, please read over them!
:damphyr: We are very lenient with submissions whereareas some other photography groups are not. Just make sure your photo is decent and has the correct asthetics
:damphyr: There is no submission limit at the moment, so feel free to submit as many of your best pictures as you wish
:damphyr: This group is NOT exclusively for pure-bred dogs, mutts and wolf dogs are allowed as well
:damphyr: We accept ALL dog photograph submissions to favorites despite quality
:damphyr: Just follow these simple rules and guidelines I'm sure you will have a great time in this group!

:spotlight-left: Reasons why a submission may be declined :spotlight-right:
Lets face it, Everyone hates getting their submissions to groups declined. But since this is a photography group called "Best-Dogs" we try to stay true to our name and have the best photos we can. So here are the main reasons a deviation my be declined:

:bulletblue: Blurry:bulletblue:
Blurry photos aren't as visually appealing as a clear photo, try and keep your photography as clear as possible (purposefully blurred parts of pictures are okay though! This rule mainly refers to when the dog itself itself or another key portion of the photo is unintentionally blurry).

:bulletblue: Unnecessary Background:bulletblue:
Sometimes there is far to much background visible in the picture. An example of this would be if the background takes up about 90% of the photo and the subject only takes up 10% and is hard to see. If the extra background adds to the photo, keep it. If it takes away from the photo, crop the picture.

:bulletblue: Glares and Red-eye:bulletblue:
When a flash is used, it can sometimes cause a glare on the dogs eyes, or red-eye. It may even cause something in the background to glare, like a window for example. This really detracts from the photo, so try and avoid this issue! And keep is mind that natural glares, such as those from the sun/lens flares, can actually add to a photo and make it more original.

:bulletblue: To Dark, Bright:bulletblue:
If a photo is to dark or bright (as in you can't see the main subject of the photo appropriately because of the lighting) it will be declined. The #1 exception to this are silhouette photos. Its also okay to have a very dark or very bright photo, just make sure its a good photo and most of the subject is visible before you submit it to the group.

:bulletblue: Noisy or Busy:bulletblue:
When taking a good photo, make sure your main subject(s) are the focus point of the picture. If there is a person or something else in the photo with the dog, make sure your attention is mostly drawn to the dog, or equally between the dog and person/object. Its also important to make sure you don't have anything random in your photo like someones knee. This severely detracts from the photo and should be avoided at all costs.

:bulletblue: Other:bulletblue:
Time stamps, a key part of your canine cropped out of a photo, etc...there are several other things that I did not mention here, but I made sure to list the main problems. Feel free to ask the founder any questions regarding why a photo was declined, or anything else your curious about.








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