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Old friends and supporters, the new issue started it's funding just now. Newcomers, here's your chance to get everything you've missed so far!…

It means a lot to us to get the boost from you at this very beginning and we're grateful for everything you can do for us. In return, you'll get your copy, that was always nicely printed and delivered on time so far, since we've been here two times before, we know the drill. 

Thank you all and see you soon with good news, I hope! :)

The Pros issue 3 cover by besnglist
As unexpected things happen in life, my love izitmee and I, got this year's grand prix at the International comics festival in Belgrade for TPORG. We used this last couple of days as a mini-vacation and enjoyed Belgrade fully, it was great in every way. 

As a comic artists, all things public don't mean much for your career in a pragmatic way, but it's a very nice boost for your motivation for future work, it's nice to meet people that share your interests at least couple of times a year, so we can go on with our cave activities with more eagerness. 


TPORG by besnglist TPORG two by besnglist TPORG three by besnglist TPORG four by besnglist
Been getting a watch or two almost every day for a while now from "joined today" empty accounts. Considering I barely post here anymore, that doesn't seem quite legit. I mean there's just no way for a random newcomer to find me the very first day. So does anyone know what's the deal with it? I can't see any benefit really, on any side of this. Anything I'm missing here?
Hey friends, we're on again with the second issue of The Pros! For those of you who got issue one already, you know it turned out nice, if I may say. For those who haven't, here's the chance to get both issues now. And also Steve, the writer, is offering some benefits for those who back us on day one. Thank you in advance!…

THE PROS issue 2 page 1 by besnglist THE PROS issue 2 page 2 by besnglist THE PROS issue 2 page 3 by besnglist THE PROS issue 2 page 4 by besnglist THE PROS issue 2 page 5 by besnglist
UPDATE: Few more days till the campaign is over so if you were reluctant in backing us, now is the time, because we're fully funded, thanks to many of our dear friends, which means you'll be getting the comic for sure. And since we're in the good mood, we added the daily drawing reward in these last days of campaign, so check it out for the rules in the last update on our Kickstarter… . Here are some of the rewards

The Pros Kickstarter original drawings reward by besnglist
Dear anonymous,

Get bent.

Witness the great success of our dear friend madbaumer37 who's hard work and commitment materialized in this beautiful book. Preorder here , get it in July.
Do you like spy stories, bright colors, dark lines? Something witty but meaningful, something with a message but that doesn't take itself too seriously? Then you can back us up on this… The first issue is complete, we just need to send it to you, so pick your reward and see you there.

The Pros cover issue 1 by besnglist

Many thanks to you all! :woohoo:
The time has come to reveal the part of what's been cooking for the last couple of months! Meet The Pros, the upcoming GN written by Steve Stormoen, lettered by E.t.Dollman, art by me. For the visual part, probably one of the most demanding pages I've ever made, but also great sense of pleasure coming from making them. For mythology, try Facebook page

I'm not much of the words person so I better just show what I mean :B
The Pros - first glimpse by besnglist   The Pros - characters: Nass 02 by besnglist  The Pros - characters: Nass 03 by besnglist
Take a look at the experiment that abc142 and me have made, it was a really nice experience 


I've decided to put some original comic pages for sale here, because money gets short, as usual, so I made a selection only of those who are not related to the running projects or stuff yet to come, like Empire of blood, Great beast and Presidential. 

Here are they 

   Memories of Ella 4 by besnglist Memories of Ella 3 by besnglist Memories of Ella Intro by besnglist
All are A4 size, ink on bristol, originals are without lettering, except the title on Ella, which is inverse.
I also wanted to include Mega Dick pages but my love says that they are too cool to sell right now. Maybe next year, then :B 

Also some illustrations that I have here, including

Her family by besnglist The Barrel by besnglist Dispective by besnglist Got Light by besnglist
The Barrel is b&w in original, looks good even then. Also A4 size all, ink on bristol. 

Prices go average $100, some less some more, so note me if you want more details. Cheers! 
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Girls, boys and multiforms! (drumroll) It's a pleasure for me to present you GOSCURRY, an indie hard game made by the genius of my man, Daniele Giardini aka izitmee

Not only that it's the product of my love's hard work, but it's also AWESOME! I kid you not, it's gonna be one of the marking points of indie games this year, for sure. Now, I love the runners as much as the next man, but I don't like when they are hard just because the controls are not smooth. With Goscurry everything is smooth, and it's still hard, but not in a frustrating way, more like "ok, I'll do it just one more time" way, and when you do something awesome, you feel like one of your possible destinies could be the tiny space ship pilot. 

But believe me not and check it for yourselves, it's on pre-release as we speak here:  and pre-release doesn't mean you'll have to wait for anything, you're getting the full playable game instantly and more awesome stuff to come later for a fair sum of money, I believe. 

Make us proud and thank you! 
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A list of things I drew in the comics, counting one per comic, even if some of them are two and some 42 pages long.

a woman eating
a woman on the toilet seat
an apple
a chicken
a dragon
a bicycle
a kite
a prison
a candle
a pothouse
a kid with phossy jaw
steam train
an ambush
a map
a palace 
a whale
a cannon
a press conference 
a limo
a classroom
a library
a fox
a dog

And here is the list of things things I drew TWICE (I find it amazing, considering I work with different writers all the time):

a cat
a car
high heels 
a robot
a woman cooking
a severed woman's head
19th century market place
a hooded man
two whores
a conference 
a ship

I know this was very important. Very important! :B 
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I got an unexpected birthday surprise in form of premium here, on dA, from PetaloMaM and I always find it amazing when people are nice, even when they don't have to.
Thanks PetaloMaM :iconhugfiveplz:
And here's a brief review of some of his wonderful creations  
Neverborn and Twisted Ones by PetaloMaM Come and get me 1 of 2 by PetaloMaM Patience by PetaloMaM
Mr. Evil by PetaloMaM On the horns by PetaloMaM Scandalous behaviour by PetaloMaM
Come and get me 2 of 2 by PetaloMaM Birds page 1of2 by PetaloMaM Third silence by PetaloMaM
Gunslinger by PetaloMaM Rumormongers by PetaloMaM
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Second DD just happened, thanks to wonderful and kind STelari (make sure to check her out because she has something special).

It was a wonderful surprise because I was just saying to my man izitmee "Ha, I got a DD for Dark Souls Dark Souls by besnglist", knowing that it got attention of many new people that like fantasy and games and like it neat, and then I saw that it wasn't that piece but Dispective Dispective by besnglist, and I find it very cool because it's definitely more me and also it was made for my pleasure only, the thing that doesn't happens so often these days.

So I'll be enjoying the hype today and that's kind of cool, also because I can join the hype that Daniele has with Goscurry recently (if you didn't try it yet - here: - contains all the happiness possible in a tiny rocket-ship!), so we can play pretend that we're the king and the queen of the castle all day  :iconbouncykingplz:

And millions of thanks for all the faves and watches, even if I can't manage to say thanks personally, it really means a lot to me, people :hug:
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The first issue of Outré, the comic anthology that was thoughtfully prepared and brought to life by the editors Magnus Aspli (one of the script-writers of Empire of Blood, btw) and Glenn Mřane is out since May 4th and is free to get here

I'll quote, because guys can put it together far better then me: 50 pages about responsibility – 4 powerful stories - 4 terrific illustrations – 2 unique interviews -from the best new talent in comic.

B&w illustration as my contribution to this issue Her family by besnglist

Enjoy your free copy and I hope to see many more great stuff coming in the future from that place.
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Hello people!

If you have a gamer in you, beside the artist, here's something for you.

My love izitmee made a wonderful runner called Goscurry and it's getting a lot of attention lately, so he decided to put it on Steam Greenlight. Any of you with the Steam account can vote for it here… It would be much appreciated and more. Beside it's something that my man made, I spent many hours playing it in a useless attempt to break his highscore and having tons of fun. But I have no better description of it, then the one from Rock, Paper, Shotgun…

Thank you for your support on this one!
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It's simply beautiful, check it out…

Our involvement aside (Memories of Ella are there), it makes me want it and read it NOW! This is truly worth backing.
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Well, first of all, millions of thanks to all the people purchasing my original art, it made a real difference for me, and also boosted my spirit a lot. As a pure freelancer (not only by choice, I have a degree in psychology btw, and have worked in the field for several years, but since I've moved to another city, I just can't find the job here for me) I depend a lot of the audience and I can promise that everything that gets printed in the future will be coming your way, that's the least I can do to show you my gratitude :hug:

On other subjects, Empire of blood is searching for the publisher, we're going down the ladder from the top publishers down. Frankly, we feel satisfy enough for now to even get the feedback and catch their attention. All the comments were great for now, I mean great considering that we're declined for the reasons of "not been made for wider audience" and "too esoteric for this moment in time", or "thematically overlapping with current series", but no one said that we suck, on contrary, we've heard also "incredibly talented" and "very interesting style", "awesome pitch" things as well. I really love this book and I hope I'll share it with you one day.

New project is coming, working with the new crew on the first episode of a web-comic series titled Presidential. Most of all, I was curious to see how this all web-comic thing work, it's something completely new to me. Guys are moving quite fast so it should start in March already.

Also, for those of you who know us personally, Daniele won the GPI game contest for Unity - yey! :iconcheerplz:

Happy working, people and a lot of love!
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Ah, I'm sure it must be delightful to be a dreamy freelancer that has just enough not to have to involve personal issues with their artwork. I'm looking forward for that, even if in the afterlife :B

Since the world doesn't work that way for me, I'm badly pressed with some financial issues - again. That all appeared as the result of my ingenious inability (read stupidity) to deal with administrative issues properly, in combination with bloodsucking state policy considering banks, interest rate, juridical expenses and other scary stuff. Long story short (otherwise I'll go berserk), I'm in quite a trouble now and instead of milking the ones I love in order to help me, I'd like to try to earn my way out of here, so

(you can start reading from here, if you're in a rush)
I'm offering all of my original art that you can see here that I have in my possession (ask about any item and I'll give you all details) also offering to work on commissions in whatever price range you choose. Please note me for anything you're interested about and we'll work it out.

Thanks for reading this, my loyal and beautiful 269 watchers! I hope that's the last time I ask for some help in this way, though something tells me that it ain't :B
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Little help, maybe? :iconcuteflirtplz:
This is my design for Threadless, the subject was: bands that don't exist yet, and the answer is - The Barrel :B
I need a good score for selection, so follow the link, log in (just a minute of your time) and score it. With 5. Ok, 4 is good too. 1 for the rest of the competition. Joking, score it as you think you should. Thaank yoou! :hug:… and the other one if this doesn't work
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