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~I strive to be kind~
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social battery :D


Mental health break week

interested in currently;

  • Cleaning

  • sewing

  • repot my plants

current project/s;

  • Udealra comic

  • the ultimate esk quest

  • various plushes

  • Multiple conlangs~

- Please use my…

notes for formal/important contact (eg commissions or serious issues)

chat plz don’t use it’s too glitchy

profile comments for comments, greetings, or short public conversations

feel free to hang out in one of these discord hangouts;

akurale themed;

pigmywing official server (needs verification);

( i’ll try to keep it updated weekly <3 )

TWWM shortcuts

Y’all should read this adorable fic of Naks and Al as kids! It’s only 450 words Https://
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Commissions ect’


Currently closed till further notice - ko-fi


ask, after some incidents I only trade with people my skill level or higher.


only friends and maybe I’ll draw your esk if I want to

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Yeah no I’m good, i don’t want to do desk jobs or art for a living- that sounds horrible.

Luma i got hack block that one and pass me the discord server

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I allready join sorry that i took time and don't worry all i Lost was My old account and the good memories with it

That’s good!

How did I just now find your profile!? Your art is gorgeous! I love how you draw dragon scales!

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