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Hello, everybody!
Just wanted to let you know I'm opened to commissions and looking for a job right now.
Feel free to contact me here or at
You can visit my website or
Thanks! :)
Hello everybody! I just wanted you to know I've got a FB Fan Page where I'm uploading more work. Come and visit it, leave a comment or feedback, share and like if you want :^)

Hello folks! I want you to know that I'm starting to sell prints out of here (but I will check deviantart option and the prices).

Please, come and check, maybe you would buy one and make me happy :^)

Here you have the links:

Btw, I'm opened to commissions right now ;^)

Thanks to all!

Hello there! My name is Alberto Tavira and I'm an freelance artist with a focus on fantasy illustration. I would like to show you my work and I'm looking for a job in the rol game or videogame industries as illustrator or concept artist. Thanks for your time, I hope you like it! You can enter my site too in

Hola a todos! Me llamo Alberto Tavira y soy un artista freelance centrado en la ilustración de fantasía. Me gustaría mostraros mi trabajo y actualmente busco trabajo en la industria de los juegos de rol o del videojuego como ilustrador o concept artist. Gracias por vuestro tiempo y espero que lo disfrutéis! Puedes visitar mi web en