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Retro old dirty paper texture

I suddenly got some motivation to make my own textures. Normally i grab my textures around the inet, but i guess it's more rewarding to make them by yourself. I made them with different sort of papers and tools, like coffee filters, tape, shoe paint, black ink and some rope. It's my 1st set ever made!

Commercial usage permitted, but please link back. thx and have fun!!
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thanks so much!
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Merci beaucoup !
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thanks so much!
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Thanks for those textures :). Used here :…
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Thank you very much! It's realy cool textures!
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thanks nice job!
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good job.....
can u send them to me too??
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Thanks for sharing
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Thank you for this excellent collection.
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Hey there! I love these! I make my own sometimes too. But these are great. Could you email them to me too? Please?
I think I am gonna upload some of my homemade ones to deviant & share them, as well. Great idea!!
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Hi andrew! thanks for your kind comment! Of course i can mail them, but you can download them as .rar here on deviantart as well. Let me know mate!
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You've been mentioned in a news item here [link] . Thanks for the magnificent stock you provide!
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oops, didn't mean that winking smileyy :P
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aww they look really good :( I wish I could download them! (I can't because I don't own WinRar, and can't afford to buy it ^_^;;)

well done :)
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hey thx! I can send them @ your email if you want to?
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:O that would be awesome! my addy is on my profile in the info bit ^_^ thankyou so much!
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