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We're all Jigsaws
So lately I've been thinking. About life, about love...
And I've thought about a lot.
I've realized that the Gods are fickle creatures, and sometimes they favor certain people more than others. Sometimes they put someone there for you, sometimes they don't, and sometimes they put more than one person there. But always, you can tell who they are.
People talk about finding someone and feeling like a part was missing, feeling like they weren't complete. In part, that's true.
We aren't incomplete. We aren't missing part of ourselves.
Rather, we are all of who we are. We are jigsaw puzzles, and all of the pieces are there - we just can't see the whole image. Who we are is always a work in progress. Sometimes we are putting ourselves together and we just get stuck. We put part together,  can't put another in place, and simply shift to another piece instead of persevering.
We find that some pieces don't fit no matter which way we look at it. The pieces aren't missing - they just can't be
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There is a man who wishes to fight,
To see her smile every night.
See there's a woman he wants to help,
A smile from her and his heart melts.
He sees her sad and something breaks,
One sad look is all it takes.
He wants to help, he's not sure how
He wants to help her feel better somehow.
But he just feels helpless, so useless and lost,
He wants to help her no matter the cost.
But no matter the method he wishes to try,
He cannot help her, she still wants to cry.
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Media PC by Berserkir-Wolf Media PC :iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 1 0 New Glasses by Berserkir-Wolf New Glasses :iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 1 1 First time lucky by Berserkir-Wolf First time lucky :iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 1 0 My first tattoo by Berserkir-Wolf My first tattoo :iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 3 32
Terrified Poem
I had her, for a while,
And briefly we smiled.
But lately, it seems
That she’s gone.
It used to be,
That I and she,
Would laugh the night away.
But lately it seems,
That inside her dreams,
Something pulls her away.
And while I may manage,
To pull her back in,
I can tell that her heart isn’t in it.
Because whenever I see her,
Whenever she smiles,
That look in her eyes isn’t lit.
So I sit here and weep,
As I no longer sleep,
For I fear what I find in my dreams.
For during the night,
I relive our fights,
And I have no idea what it means.
I wish for the day
Where I know that she’ll stay
Though I have no idea when that’ll be.
I wish I could say
That I know a way
That she can be happy with me.
But I know that I don’t,
And I fear that she won’t
Have the will to figure it out.
Because if she’s gone
Then I know I was wrong,
And the love that we felt will go out.
It may take a while,
To find someone else,
For nobody begins to compare.
There is no o
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Walk with love
There is no greater pain
Than to watch love walk away.
Nothing hurts your heart
Like wishing they would stay
If you've found the one
Who makes you want to walk along.
Walk with them; have fun,
And help them to stay strong.
:iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 1 5
The Beast Inside
There is a beast inside me,
And it's scratching at the door.
Trying hard just to feel free,
And howling out for 'more'.
See, it had a taste of freedom,
Not that long ago.
When I in all my wisdom,
Decided to let go.
So now that wild being,
Is starting to scream and shout.
Always, the same old thing:
:iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 2 0
Right now you think that life is hard,
That it seems just plain unfair.
But your friends are also scarred,
And despite that; they're still here.
Your depression feels so empty,
And the blackness seems so deep
The pain creates a frenzy
And you wish for eternal sleep.
The truth is; it's a tunnel,
And there is a light at the end.
So if trying to face it alone's no fun,
You should face it with me, your friend.
:iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 5 7
Final showing by Berserkir-Wolf Final showing :iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 1 0
Impromptu poem
There was a time when kids played games,
A time of innocent dreams.
But with the invention of media,
Life has changed, it seems.
Children getting pregnant,
Children doing drugs.
Children taking guns to school,
Sitting in court looking smug.
No longer do they run and play,
No longer laugh and jump.
For now they sit inside all day,
Watching mindless junk.
What happened to individuality?
Where did real people go?
This media craze, it ruins minds,
Leaves no space for 'self' to grow.
:iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 4 44
Art Trade
Everyone fears the loss of love,
The loss of that one thing.
As though no man nor power above,
Can once more make them sing.
We cannot ignore the pain we have faced,
when we should really focus on fun;
The fun we can have in that one special place...
In the arms of that special someone.
:iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 2 33
Making difficult decisions
What you should do before making a decision about something that you aren't 100% sure you want to do.
First, imagine there is a mirror in front of you.
Second, look in the mirror, at the man looking back at you.
Third, ask yourself: is he someone you can be proud of?
Fourth, ask yourself if (after you do this thing), you will still be able to look in that mirror and be proud of that man looking back at you, and what he's done.
Fifth, ask yourself if you'll think any less of him afterwards.
If the answer is no for the step four, or yes for the step five, then you probably shouldn't do whatever you were thinking about.
:iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 3 11
For her...
I'm not going to leave you, don't push me away.
Believe me, I mean it, I am here to stay.
I'm not going to run, not going to hide,
I'm going to stay here, and be by your side.
:iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 4 38
Out with the old
I'm a new man, not the same as your last.
Let me be me, leave the old in the past.
The mistakes they made, they will not be mine,
This relationship of ours, it'll work this time.
:iconberserkir-wolf:Berserkir-Wolf 3 51


So, over at work here in town we got a new toy - a Makerbot Replicator 2, to be exact.
In laymans' terms, a 3d printer.

Yeah buddy!
I've now taken to 3d design as a merchandise design for customers, and it's going really well. We're having lots of fun printing things people commission, and I get to play and print my own things at cost price.
My goal - I'd like to get an aeromodel built. And it's proving really difficult.
I'm working in SketchUp so the software is fairly straightforward - that part I can handle. What I need help with is finding reference material.
As I get design work done I will be posting updates here and on my blog (which I will be linking once I finish design, I'm hosting it myself).

This is where you guys come in. I want as much detail as you can find on the De Haviland DH82 Tiger Moth. This includes:
    -Model kit designs
    -Balsa frame layouts
    -Physical plans
    -Technical drawings
    -Spar designs

The plan is to print the airframe (or skeleton) and then to wrap the frame like a real one. After the model is built, I'll start conversion and modification to remote control/powered flight.
It'll take a while. Months, I'm betting. It isn't easy to find this stuff, let alone convert it for a scale representation, let alone one that will fly.

I'm really enjoying this, so maybe I'll print a fully articulated model with fake engine and all for teaching my cadets with. Who knows?

Anyways, let me know via note or comment if you think you can help. If you need a way to send me a file, send me a message in notes with your preferred cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive...) and I'll let you know the email to share the file with. I have a few different ones...


Dyson Parkes
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Personal Quote: Being alive is required - sanity is not.


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