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100 themes 2 love by berserkhare 100 themes 2 love :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 1 6 100 themes 1 introdution by berserkhare 100 themes 1 introdution :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 2 6 music and booze by berserkhare music and booze :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 2 4 grunger the rabbit by berserkhare grunger the rabbit :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 1 6
chapter 9 the runaway prince
The young hedgehog prince spike was trapped against the wall around the garden by two horse knights with their iron lances aiming at the helpless hedgehog.He was carrying a blue boomerang on his right paw.Like his father they both had a tattoo of a paw print on their shoulders.The hedgehog warriors don't wear any armour as they have their spikes on their backs which they use for defence.Poor spike could only defend himself by curling up into a ball.
   "We have to help him.He looks like he could do with some help with those knights."Hazel told them
   We're right behind you hazel.lets save the little pipsqueak!!"Sandy agreed and both headed towards the knight blocking the poor hedgehog prince.
They all followed but the king headed back to the throne room to check on the hedgehog guards and hopefully get some help saving the prince.The two knights saw sandy and hazel heading in their direction.before they got to attack Hazel and Sandy had inflicted damage o
:iconberserkhare:berserkhare 0 3
up in the clouds by berserkhare up in the clouds :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 1 9 berserkhare improvement by berserkhare berserkhare improvement :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 1 2 anthro improvement by berserkhare anthro improvement :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 1 9
chapter 8 confronted
They all headed to the bush Sandy was standing.It hardly had any leaves on it at all.Only a few remained but the twigs were black and looked llike a thunderbolt struck it.They saw a large hole in the centre.
"Should we go inside?"Sandy asked them.Russel nodded.
They all went inside.the bush in fact was a secret castle.They saw two hedgehogs lying on the ground with bruises and cuts on their arms and chests,broken spears were beside them on the floor.They saw Russel coming in their direcion.
"The king is being attacked by a group of verim.The leader was a fox with an evil look on his face.Leave this place or he would destroy you too,"one of he hedgehogs told them.
"It must have been buldo.Lets get him before he does more damage."
"He is too....powerful.He broke our defences with thunder magic and it burned half of the bush."
Russel and friends headed towrds the big door on front of them and heard voices on the other side
     "Well Mr you really thi
:iconberserkhare:berserkhare 0 7
chapter 7 what now
Seven days had passed since Sage Brush had been killed by Buldo's henchbeasts, Russel and his friends rested in a small inn on top of the trees near the entrance.Their wounds were healing nicely.Sandy's leg was bruised but  was still sore from where the tree had fallen on it.Everyones injuries had healed so now they came continue their journey.They all headed out side to the centre of the village where the squirrel mages had of the squirrels was dressed in a white robe bit like hollys robe.He was standing in front of the crowd holding a book and a holy staff.Russel and the others went to join the squirrels.
Two squirrels came with a wooden coffin on their shoulders,on top of it was a branch with corns and oak leaves.They all looked at the squirrels carrying the coffing over towards the white robe squirrel.They put the coffin beside him
"We are all gathered today for this tragic day.Sage Brush,the leader of the copse,master of magic,teacher of all squirrel mages a
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berserkhare line art by berserkhare berserkhare line art :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 0 8 thought on my mind by berserkhare thought on my mind :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 2 17
chapter 6 hazels revenge
They all look out the window as 10 warrior mice was chopping down the tree they were in.
   "What are we going to do?How do we get out of this mess?"Squeak paniced.
   "Should we go down to them?"Hazel suggested.
   "That's suicide.They will kill us all."Sandy said.
   "We're doomed anyway."
   "There is only one way to escape.follow me."Sage Brush told them.
They followed him up the step towards a thicker branch on the other side of the tree house.sandy looked down
    "AAAHHHHH!!!We are still trapped.were going to die."sandy cried.
    "We have to jump."sage brush told them
    "What?.No way Its suicide"
    "wW have no choice.We can either going back and get sliced to pieces or we can jump off where they cant see us and still live."
    "How?"Holly asked
    "Its easy for have wings.
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slight improvement by berserkhare slight improvement :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 0 0 boxing champ by berserkhare boxing champ :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 1 19 sakura and sasuke by berserkhare sakura and sasuke :iconberserkhare:berserkhare 1 6

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bounces like a kangaroo LOL
United Kingdom
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  • Playing: pokemon pearl (import)
  • Eating: salad
  • Drinking: water
it wont let my upload any pictures at all:(
or maybe its this gay computer:?

if you don't want to read about work the click back on your computer screen now.if not read on.

Been at the job for 2 weeks today and things couldn't get better.

i was a bit nervous at first as but i was fine after talking to the housekeeper Maddy.she was nice and is funny too with all her crazy could see i got well with them.theres no one i really hated there.I've worked with everyone and no i work with a crazy person called Jane and shes as crazy as me:lol:The two Jess's says that i'm hilarious and we all had a laugh sorting out dirty linen and towels.

we did have one bad day which was friday when we had lots of people in and less rooms to clean.yes early finish. i could go shopping but no.the person i worked with was in a stressy mood and moaned.after 3 rooms she girl was looking for her."sorry.i dont know where she went" i said.the another girl came and i said "if your looking for lesley i dont have a clue where she is."
"Shes walked out like the rest of use.dont worry you wont be far behind." and walked with her bag on her shoulder.
:omfg: they walked out on me.

I went downstairs to put a lost book in the lost probety and maddy was there.
"have you seen Lesley."
" they walked out."
"I saw Emma with her back and she says Lesley walked out and so did she."
the receptionist came
"Three people walked out."she said.
so which left me alone doing one floor but someone came to help in the end and someone else had the same problem.
we worked until 5 and i got back home at 7.i could do the same but it wasn't worth it.just because they were in a bad mood doesn't mean i will be.i stayed on til then end.
im tired


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