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Mass Effect: The Dating Sim DLC (Ladies) by Berserker79, visual art


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Mass Effect - To Sail Beyond the Sunset by Berserker79, visual art

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"Sometimes habits are there to protect you... From life."

(John Reese, Person of Interest)

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Please note that DAO/DA2 character models are no longer available for download. Only scenery, weapons, props and creatures models remain available for download.

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There is no need to credit me when using the XNALara/XPS ports of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect models in my gallery. In fact, I did not create any of the models in the first place and I hold no rights over any of them (and I'd like to avoid any allegation to the contrary). All "Dragon Age: Origins", "Dragon Age 2" and "Mass Effect" models belong to Bioware and EA and these are the companies you need to credit.

If you wish to credit me (which is of course appreciated) please write something along the lines of:

"XYZ model extracted by Berserker79" (where XYZ is of course any one or more specific models).

However, please do not credit me by stating:

"XYZ model by Berserker79" or

"XYZ model made by Berserker79" or

"XYZ model owned by Berserker79"

"XYZ model belongs to Berserker79",

since as noted above I did not create any of the models nor do I own them.

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Sci-fi, fantasy
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PC, Xbox360
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XNALara/XPS, Blender, Paint.NET
Surprised myself by actually getting two renders done in a week after months of lacking motivation to create anything new...
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My attempt at making a Control fanart :)
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Started playing "Control" today. Looks good so far...
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Hey, my friend.

I still haven't fully gotten used to the new DeviantART, a lot of the functions seem to be hidden when I know they aren't. As I have been separated from my workstation for several months, I haven't gotten any art done. How are you holding up?

Best regards.

Hey, nice to hear from you! Believe me, I understand all too well the difficulty of adapting to the new dA: it's almost a year now, but enthusiasm over Eclipse still hasn't rubbed off on me. Indeed, you are right about functions that are somewhat hidden: for example, I still can't find a way to access the "Edit deviations/Storage" screen except by going through the FAQ page. Anyway, I'm doing relatively well, thanks for asking and I hope you are holding up well too. Hopefully you will be back to creating new art soon now that you have your workstation back.

I feel every word you say. I still can't see it as an improvement, despite my best efforts.

It is the absolute same for me; I also do access that function via the FAQ. It's troubling. I feel like an old man (who doesn't learn any more new tricks). Thank you for your good wishes. It makes me happy to hear you're doing well. I have been missing your art but was glad to spot a few new ones since the last time I checked. The mermaid piece is fantastic. Way better than my own attempt with Josephine a few years back. You got the composition and colors just right. Really good.

Don't sell your 360 B! If it's working, there are some games still that will only work on it plus Gamestop will only give you quarter what it's worth :( Btw I deleted the poll with your reply since I had a bunch of people turn up for some MP action tonight :)

Hey, no problem about deleting the poll. Happy that some buddies turned up to play some MP: hope you had fun playing!

Regarding selling the 360, it's still working fine and I'm aware that GS will pay a fraction of its worth, but I've been thinking that except the DA and ME games I can probably live without playing the other 360 games in my collection anymore (ok, there's Halo, but I can buy all the series up to H4 for PC - not counting I already own Halo and H2 for PC ^^;). As for the rest, I've lost interest in playing GOW again and I barely find the time to play the new stuff I bought, so it's unlikely I'll go back to play any of the other 360 games.

Still, the fact that GS will give me a quarter (at best) of what the games are worth is annoying, especially considering that ME2 and ME3 are both collector's editions and DA2 is also a special edition... :confused: I'm really torn between selling all console and games now when they are still worth something (maybe) or keep it until it works.

Well, I can't argue with that logic. I take my laptop when I went to game at friends or on holidays so I guess consoles are pretty redundant when you have a decent PC :/