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Lucy's Growth 16

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Lucy's current weight: 305lbs. She has lost 170lbs since David broke up with her... She has kept her resolution and still working her way on the gym to the revenge plan she designed almost a year ago. Even though she is still quite fat, she has developed a lot of muscle under all that chubiness. She is now a suuuuper thick, solid, chunky girl. 

I'm quite proud of this illustration, I think she looks really cute. One of my favourites!! 

PS. Be ready for the next illustration, the meeting with David is very close, closer than Lucy thinks... What will happened?
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She's still beautiful even when she's fat.

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It's always good to balance the fat with the muscle. It gives the body a nice body a nice firm shape especially with the legs. With Lucy here, she's got really nice legs and that's what I like to see in a BBW
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plot twist: he's now feeding Ari
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hahah I thought about that but it's not the case, too dark :P
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Bravo she stuck with it and is around a great weight that I'm sure he may not turn down, unless he got someone already who is twice her size than poor Lucy.
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You won't have to wait much longer to find out. In the next illustration you will have the answers!! :)
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You're throwing these out really quick  wowwww.
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maybe she's after the return to previous form will break the vicious simulator and they are together with a guy laugh at stupid revenge?) well, or the simulator will break under it... the main thing that had a good ending was for both)
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That looks like a plot designed by JJ Abrams haha. Too complicated!! 
Magnitofon10's avatar
maybe, but I think will be epic)
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she be the ultimate sumo wrestler my kinda woman 
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damn I´m so exited! and clearly waiting for a unbelievable rebound effect with maybe David feeding her beyound a weight she never thought of!
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pretty women

I feel that she'll feed or mutual haha
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he is gonna try to get her back and might fail I still wish Lucy would see why this is dumb but with that muscle it can be usefull
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I can't say a thing... but you are close ;)
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I love strong fatties lol.
She should just go full sumo at this point xD
berserker1133's avatar
I never thought before in female sumo hahah
beltbreaker's avatar
female sumo even better :p All that round sexy curvy chub and strong lol
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Fit and fat is a good combination, I love that. And 148 kg is quite fat...
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I love that combination too :3
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Ok, than I am looking forward to see Lucy even fitter and maybe a little fatter.
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I guess that david has gone with a super fat girl, and lied about her being too fat for a feeder , and she'll gain back :p

At least I hope so x)
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