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No one believed in her losing weight... but she is actually doing it!!! However, there is still a long and tempting way in front of her to be skinny a girl again. Will she continue her training without getting back to her old fattening desires? In the meantime... How fat has Ari gotten? Is she fatter than Lucy now?
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ajoute moi faceboock jeromebladt
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It's a shame she lost weight... Still, seeing a beautiful, sexy SSBBW running and covered in glistening sweat *IS* a turn on! ;-)
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She looks hot here. Like, REALLY hot.
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And then boom! Out comes the old rebound effect. You know the one like a tennis ball that smacks you in the back of your head after a good round of wall ball.
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All the bets going for the rebound effect!! We'll see :P
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Could be, or you could be pulling the wool over our heads and have her friend more than double in size to make up for Lucy's loss.
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Stop wasting time speculating and gimme another page of the sarah weight gain comic, NAOW!! :P
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Cool, it's nice to see a girl succeed in this once in a while, positively. 
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Sería interesante ver como se ha puesto Ari. Espero que le de apoyo a Lucy.
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Lovely she's got that mindset. I do not I didn't get a notification about this being up! Thank you weight submission!
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Better watch out for diet rebound!
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So, she silences the nonbelievers. That's also quite the weight loss she has too!
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She is living for her revenge now!! All her efforts go for that losing weight mission 
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Don't do it Lucy! Revenge brings nothing but big swords and the Berserker Armor!
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this is getting bad I thought she would do it hopefully Ari will force her out of this and make her realize she shouldnt plan dumb revenge on such a shallow idiot or shes just as bad as him
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Revenge made her blind, she can't see now how happy she was eating and getting fatter... 
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Ari will make her see?
or will she prevail to a pointless goal she will regret
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jokes on her when she realizes losing more than 50 pounds makes your skin sag D:
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This is a fiction comic dude... 
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lol I was only joking.
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Her willpower won't last forever, and I bet Ari has indeed taken Lucy's "Eat for me too" advice. Can't wait to see what happens when they meet again. Will Lucy actually lose weight? Will Ari be able to walk? Who knows?
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