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Kate and Suzy 06

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Boobies *_____* :o (Eek) :o (Eek) 

This is an illustration of an ongoing wg story named "The sculpting of Kate" by Woodsmont. You can read it on "curvage" forums right here:…

It's really amazing, don't miss it!!
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I love the size of her boobs 😍😍😍
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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I can't copy and paste yho
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I want to put my dick between dose boobs 
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 So far in this series I like this picture the best, but not because of the rather large breasts. I like it because it is like a, if you will, 'portrait' of how far Kate has reached in the course of the story. It is also very well drawn. As always, very nice work berserker.
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Thank you so much for your kind words!! Love 
I would pick the last one, number 7 (I'm in love with that one) but this one, number 6, is sure al well one of my all time favourites too. So I get what you mean. I really appreciate it!
Thanks again!!
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Churning out great work, as usual!
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Thanks buddy!! It's always great to have your feedback :3
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Tem ditties. B3
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She's gorgeous as usually :) your job is good all the time :D
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Thank you!! Really glad that people appreciate my drawings, your feedback make my days!! ;)
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This saga of stories and pictures makes my day 1000 times better
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Thanks mate!! Glad to hear that! Meow :3 
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This is like The highlight of my day xD
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Yay! Kate is lookin sexier every page ^_^
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Sexier and fatter :P
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Hoping to see more of her/Suzy at their current sizes
Wish her arms showed a little more jiggle tho
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Their "current sizes" won't last much...they are all they can to get bigger... Kate at least! :p
About her arms, they will get more jiggle with the extra pounds she sure will pack!
Thanks for the feedback, don't forget to read the story in the link on the description!
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Yeah, I've read the whole thing. Really enjoying the artwork and story!
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Yey! Thankss mate!! :3
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Really nicely rounded, kate as well as her boobs. I like that ball shape...
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