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Kate and Suzy 05

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Wow!! Kate has reached her milestone?? Should she stop now or just keep getting bigger and bigger?? :3

This is an illustration of an ongoing wg story named "The sculpting of Kate" by Woodsmont. You can read it on "curvage" forums right here:…

It's really amazing, don't miss it!!
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my immediate goal is 300 lbs, then 350, then hope to reach 400!
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That is one thick booty.
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Kate may weigh more, but Suzy is very cute. Now, to get her to three hundred pounds....
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Sexy thong and a fat ass! I like it.
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300 lbs.? That's awesome! Now reach for 400! ;-)
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Did she really get that big?
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Yes! And she is not done yet... ;)
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I must ask. How did you draw that rump? I find it quite difficult to do so at times.
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When I have problems drawing some poses or body parts I try to find some references in photos, you know to use a model. :)
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Thanksss! Dont forget to read the story!:)
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I've read everything so far. Completely addicted.
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I know, right? When I started reading it I felt that I really had to draw something about it!!. It's so amazing. 
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Isn't it great when you find a story that really hooks ya in? It's been a while since I read one this good.
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First time I've noticed such a marked improvement in your art from piece to piece. They both look great, especially Kate!
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Thanks! I'm really proud of this one. :3
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Ahhh I really need to find time to check this out, but is it me or were you trying out different body poses for this that I tend to not see on your work? I notice that something is new in your drawing style and I like it.
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Thanks!! I don't know if it should be called something new, but I'm definitely trying to improve overall. I'm also looking for different poses, scenes or face expressions to "express" more with each illustration. 
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I couldn't put my finger on it but something seemed new, maybe it was the pose and the extra shading around the lines and outfits? Either way you're getting better which you're already so good as it is too.
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