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Kate and Suzy 03

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Kate's growing body is dealing into some embarrasing situations... and that's something that turns her on.

This is an illustration of an ongoing wg story named "The sculpting of Kate" by Woodsmont. You can read it on "curvage" forums right here:…

It's really amazing, don't miss it!!
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That face is cute :3
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I want that "problem" :D
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Well, I guess she has to get fat enough to break the chair.
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Whenever I see a bigger girl I have to fight the urge to go in for a huge hug. I also like hugging in general.
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The only out now is... well "out".
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Please help. I love this story but don't know how to use curvage. Send a link to part 21 and beyond?
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I think you can read it without register but I you will be able to comment and like if you do!. Just go to, register and go straight to "Your Art" > "Your Stories" > "The Sculpting of Kate" ...Profit!!

Remember that is an ongoing story!, it's only been realease to chapter 22 at the momment ( link:… )
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Ohhh okay. I'm a little confused exactly how to find 21/22 though...
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Huh... This actually pretty good drawing :)
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Maybe we should help her!
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the bigger the better the fatter
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I'm not even fat and I know how awkward but brilliant getting stuck is lol
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No problem,  more food is coming...
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I'd feed her something fattening first :3
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