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*COMMISSION* Sussi WG Progression 04

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"With the modeling gig at full sail, at long last, Sussi was living the dream. However, success was not without burden. Constant photoshoots and various media appearances, combined with the fact that Kevin would be gone for long periods of time due to business obligations did not bode well for Sussi. The stress returned with a vengance and Sussi drowned it away with heaps of Chinese delicacies."

Our beautiful Sussi is blowing up!! You can see here wearing the same dress as in the 1st illustration... with some noticiable changes, of course, she might be a little bit heavier, don't you think? :P

This is a commission for KFA ,a WG progression of 7 parts of the beautiful Sussi!. This is the 4/7.
Enjoy!! :) (Smile)

1st part:…
2nd part:…
3rd part:…
4th part:…
5th part:…
6th part:…
7th part:…
8th part:…
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Think this is my favorite of the sequence for hair style and pose, also around the size I’d be most comfortable with in real life.

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At least it's better than me where my shirt fits me like a oversized, bad dress. :XD:
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I adore  this girl she's perfect :O you are amazing man loving your work :D
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She must weigh around 240's am I correct
berserker1133's avatar
Yes, she is around that weight in this picture :)
thegreyknight7777's avatar
Sweet I am the ultimate ladies man
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Part 4 of 7? I suspect some weight loss on this ;)
berserker1133's avatar
Weight loss? I don't think that will happen this time :)
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*snaps fingers* Darn! :P
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Hurah! The striped dress again. And Susi with two "s" fills it nicely, as expected.
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was it worth the wait? 
EnergyToBeauty's avatar
Yes, all the long time...
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Im Kevin too :3 and this turn me on a little :3
i imagine talking to me this way :3  
berserker1133's avatar
Oh man, I know how you feel...and I'm not even Kevin, I can only imagine :3
lanigiroyos's avatar
ajajaj yeah, its so awesome, i hope she become huge ;) 
and keep saying that naughty things ;)  
berserker1133's avatar
We all hope that!! :P
And about the naughty things...there is a new one up, and she said you name again :D
lanigiroyos's avatar
jejej i know, i´m watching you remember ;) 
jejej she looks so fat 
berserker1133's avatar
and the best part is that she is not even done yet :P
lanigiroyos's avatar
you make me desire more Sussi :3 next part when???? 
i want her immobile :3 
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She got some SWAG B-)
berserker1133's avatar
and some CHUB as well :P
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