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AR-7: Toad Tote by Berserk-Dragon AR-7: Toad Tote :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 5 2
WR-21: Story of the Free
Story of the Free
I look up toward the blue
Which seems to be wiped in white.
The feathery white balls fall
Onto my pale, pale face.
The sun is hidden
Behind the faint white and gray sky,
Leaving neither its shape
nor its brilliant light to man's eyes.
I flex my neck downward,
Then wave the sight around myself,
Seeing glitters of gold and amber rays
Dazzle light spectrum from the falling snow.
Everyone is wearing coat and sweater,
Holding hands as couples
With jubilant smiles
And warm hearts.
Yet I am alone,
Sitting down on a bench,
Staring up to endless heights
Stalling in timeless dimension.
I wished once that I was like them;
Never once did I have someone
To walk along with
Or to smile for.
The cold reminds me who I am--
The life of a man
Whose destiny gets carried
by the snow.
Never once in one place
Have I spent the eternity on;
Only cling my hope onto
Next uncertain destinations.
I am free.
I am free.
Yes, I am free.
Yet, I am fixed.
There I am,
Dwelling in solitude
In unlimited
:iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 1 2
AR-6: SenseTech by Berserk-Dragon AR-6: SenseTech :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 0 7
WR-20: Sole
The sun and moon
They are as one,
Taking rise and fall,
Turning light and dark.
The sky and ground
They are as one,
Telling high and low,
Talking full and empty.
Yet I am different.
No one to be alike,
Nothing to be compared with,
No longer included in the eyes.
I am in between
The truths and dreams,
The black and white,
The moderation of lives.
The existence of nothingness,
The emptiness within fullness,
The negligibility of power,
The thin air in currents.
I am lying on the line,
Standing my ground on nowhere,
Yet there is one reason I choose
And live my everyday life so.
I belong to nothing.
I remain as I am.
No changes, no turns, no one else
I am sole.
Sole as I wish I could be.
Because the world has no place for me.
I shall run away
And be sole.
:iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 1 4
I am Swan by Berserk-Dragon I am Swan :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 2 9 AR-5: Empress Umbrella by Berserk-Dragon AR-5: Empress Umbrella :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 2 21
WR-19: Always There
Always There
I sat still on my wooden bed,
Looking through the window.
The stars twinkle dimly above the lifeless screen.
The moon hides behind the thickest fog beside her.
As I run my fingers on window sill,
A single silent touch is like a chill,
Seeping warmth out of my heart,
Missing the love of remembered ones.
The body whose warmth embraces my heart.
The will whose courage strengthens my power.
The soul whose composure calms me down.
The mind whose intellect guides me the right path.
But they are no longer here....
I stand up and walk next to the window.
My breath gives a blur on the glass.
Everything on the sky there is now past,
Left with a blinding vision to imagine.
The scent of their presence in my room makes me cry.
Every silver tear out of my watery eye reminds me
Of the tragic past which separates me from them.
But all I could do now is mourn...
Yet I still have to move on my own,
Like a curse upon my life....
I have to bare every second to this pain,
The pain of living in
:iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 5 14
Legna's 19th BD Gift by Berserk-Dragon Legna's 19th BD Gift :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 0 22
WR-18: Zero
What is zero?
Void Space?
Or is it a new beginning, a new start,
A light that shines within our heart,
The propelling force to stand up once more,
The symbol of what we live for?
It might worth the most,
More than any numbers we've seen.
Now what number are we on?
Have we looked back to where we were born?
At zero....
:iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 1 16
AR-4: Dragon Charm by Berserk-Dragon AR-4: Dragon Charm :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 10 44 MU-4: Remember the Days by Berserk-Dragon MU-4: Remember the Days :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 4 26 AR-3: Finn by Berserk-Dragon AR-3: Finn :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 3 19 AR-2: Radiation by Berserk-Dragon AR-2: Radiation :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 8 21
WR-17: My Dragon
My Dragon
I sat around the corner of marble seat.
The sun shone brightly behind the buildings.
A gust of strong wind thrusts my eyes.
It was around 5 in the afternoon.
Then suddenly, the clouds gathered, darkening the gray sky.
A huge shadow cast on my body and gigantic skyscrapers.
I rolled up my eyes to observe what's above,
And as if a jet stream has descended toward earth,
A section of cloud strips has been holed,
Left with a long trail of smoke.
As I continued to take a deeper inspection,
I caught a faint figure flying in dark sky.
Its swift and fierce movement scared me
As that tiny moving object is surging closer
And closer....
I began to realize what was flying
When it was circling to the 30-story high building.
A huge pair of dark brown wings flapping in rhythm
And a driving streamline around its body--
They are resembling a unique creature,
The one that I have never seen "in" this world.
I watched the mighty dragon in awe,
Though I couldn't deny fear within.
:iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 1 14
WR-16: Nothingness
I am weak and frail.
I am ill and pale.
I am stuck and still.
I am in between.
I can see people.
I can see actions.
I can see thoughts.
I can see future.
I can't stop them.
I can't resist.
I can't stand for myself.
I can't shut my ears.
I am left out and alone,
Yet I am there,
To witness the evil,
And keep a blank stare.
I am right into their world,
Yet I am not there,
To witness the truth,
And herald the thoughts.
I can't speak. I can't express,
But I hear and I feel.
I can't cry. I can't moan,
But I get hurt. I get pain.
Does my existence worth having?
Does my feeling worth trembling?
Does my voice worth listening?
Does my body worth seeing?
I am a tool, a pet, and a thing.
A matter for manipulating,
A useless damn to be thrown away,
An emptiness to be ignored.
We all came from nothingness.
We all started from zero.
We all have senses.
We all have rights.
Nothingness are we not?
Zero are we not?
Senses don't us own?
Rights don't us have?
:iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 0 11
AR-1: Desert of Dots by Berserk-Dragon AR-1: Desert of Dots :iconberserk-dragon:Berserk-Dragon 7 26

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Current Residence: Thailand
Favourite genre of music: Classical, Ambient, Electronica, Film music, and other Easy-listening genres
Favourite photographer: EdgeFx1, SpazzznaticShuriken
Favourite style of art: Realistic sketches, Dark Room, Abstract & Fractal
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Landscape or Draconic theme
Favourite cartoon character: Jin (from Zetman)
Personal Quote: Basics are the strongest base of profession.

Request (Ambient & Classical only)
Status: Closed

You can listen to my music at:


Hey, people.

I notice that there aren't so many people around visiting my pages anymore because I have been absent from dA daily activities for....I'd say, a year or so.  My life has come to a big turning point once I allow myself to study in architecture faculty.  Lots of thinking process, modelmaking, presentation, as well as speeches to do.  You could say that architect is like a medium that links the world of thoughts to the world of practical creation.  You've gotta be good at many things to understand the fact that architect's role is lying between the boundary.  And yet you should be able to blend them together to create new, fresh, original ideas for the sake of mankind.

Uh.....probably enough about work.

Anyway, since I've been absent from dA, it didn't mean that I was frozen in time.  I have been using my Facebook to let out my feelings, my work, as well as my pleasure.  So, if you wish to talk to me, contact me through Facebook in .  Just one thing.  If you are not really close to me that I do not recognize you, I'd probably won't accept the friend request now because of all the spammer risks. :(  So, if wish to get to know me, let me know in your friend request message. :)

For music composition, I haven't gotten around it much, I must admit.  It's because of the time that doesn't give me enough time to build up my mood as well as time constraints for work.  Still, I have been composing some short jingles for architecture projects in Newgrounds.  If you wish to listen to them, feel free to click at the link at the top of my journal.

I might be uploading my architecture projects in dA soon if I have the chance.  So stay tuned and feel my design craziness. :lol:

  • Listening to: Leona Lewis - My Hands
  • Playing: Torchlight
  • Eating: Jiffy's Food
  • Drinking: Water....*gulp*


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