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MYO Common Annie


Phew, sorry for the wait. But at last, here he is! :happybounce:

Username- Berryzem
Annie Name- Zemmy


Blessing(s)- 1

Blessing Status- Common,  Strawberry

Eye Pupils- Common, round

This Annie is a MYO purchased from :iconyamio:. His design was inspired by Palestinian and Latvian fashion and patterns. His blessing is displayed via strawberry earrings and strawberry flowers securing his hair.

Because Annies are a closed species, you’ll need to purchase a MYO ticket in order to create your own Annie. If you want to find out if MYO tickets are for sale, watch the Anniverse group: :iconanniverse:

Edit: A little trivia-
Zemmy loves baking
He lives in Asterglean
When he found out he was blessed by strawberries, young Zemmy ran around Asterglean giving (bought) strawberry jam to strangers. It's rumored that he still gives strawberry jam away whenever he has extra from the bakery
Zemmy loves children 
As a child, he took dancing lessons from the dancing school (run by Njaesen's character Jialin) and for a short while had a little crush on the beautiful instructor.
Because of his upbringing, Zemmy has more sympathy toward humans than the average Annie which may affect his decisions in the future

If you are interested in learning more about this character, feel free to read about him here:

Until next time~

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I have actually always enjoyed this design XD He really captures the story you’ve given him! I love the earrings 💕

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Oh gosh thank you, Vi! ♥ That really means a lot coming from you. Aside from being my first Annie, I had little to no designing experience when I created him so his design will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for your kind words. ♥

(btw if you're ever curious or bored you can read a comic I made for his backstory here: )