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Chibify Tyme 2-Ry-Spirit
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I think…as a sort of added tribute to the artist, for Chibify Time I will also try to color their chibis within the overarching medium they use for their art. Unfortunately because I am a cheap bum with slightly limited supplies, most of the time it will boil down to whether or not the artist uploads usually traditional or digital speed colorings on YouTube. However, for this one, I noticed Ry (not sure if he still does this but I remember in the past >.<) would start off in grayscale and color on top of the values on an overlaying layer. note to self, review which colors go with which values Thus, in the speedpaint here I did something similar: youtu.be/9wvLMM9HNk4  

First thing to note about this picture: Ry's hair may or may not be accurate at this moment in time. His hair color changes in a manner of which I cannot predict, but for a time it has been this color! >.</. So...for those of you who don't know, :iconry-spirit: has many llama friends. He also more recently hosts a segment called "Movie Ryview" with his llama companion known as The Llama Critic he is currently drinking tea with in this picture. I would like to think they are spending a lovely afternoon discussing the next movie with the utmost detailed analyses over nice, warm beverages. I hope you like it ^^

The Artist:

Now Ry…for your sake I’m going to try and put as many puns in here as possible. This sir has the punniest of puns, and they are ryght on my level of humor (he does have a YouTube channel but I found that out later). Indeed. Ry-Spirit is the first Pokémon I met here on DeviantArt. He has a wonderful tail about how he came to be in one of his many journal entries that give wonderfully accurate descriptions of his life…of Ry. I think the first work I found of his was when he uploaded his piece “The Good Old Days” fav.me/d5wdnfy and I was looking through what was popular at the time. When I first laid eyes on it I said, “That style! I want that!” It was one of the things I was hoping to achieve in style and skill when I joined DeviantArt to improve. It was cute, and brimming with talent. It didn't quite become my style of course, but I have found my chibis do share the same type of eyes (but I've always been a fan of simple facial features like that such as Hello Kitty) When I asked him about drawing backgrounds during a Q and A, he told me to have the subject interact with the background so they actually seem to be a part of it. Fantastic advice! On top of that, Ry is one of the biggest jokesters DeviantArt has to offer. You will know when it’s April Fool’s Day because this professional prankster always has an elaborate plan to fool…well, everyone! He’s incredibly interactive with his watchers and is either hosting polls encouraging conversations or creating collaborations with us ryceballs during the holidays to show his appreciation. I love reading his stories of the conventions he attends and seeing some of the things he’s captured on camera to show us of his beloved llamas. I love that he shares his love of Pokémon and other franchises with us through his fanart, and he drinks tea like the ultimate sir. When I asked if I could chibify him, Ry said, “I would love that :D” Well, this one’s for you, Ry. May your tea and warm beverages always be to your liking! 

Ry-Spirit's YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/ryspirit/…

Tools used: Sketch book, .5mm mechanical pencil, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, and a Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet.

About Chibify Time: 

If it weren't for DeviantArt and Youtube artists, I wouldn't be nearly half-way decent at drawing, nor would I know about...just art in general. I think I'm half-way decent now XD. I'm hoping by doing these that I can at least show an iota of the vast appreciation I have for the wonderful individuals who work hard to put up their works for the rest of the world to see. Chibis always have a way of making me smile so I want to do the same for the people who keep me striving to draw better even if they don't realize it. In each entry I will write a little about the artist and how this person earned his or her spot. I think for now I'm going to keep it at 20 chibis for this series (unless the list of who I want to draw grows even more [and if I'm driven to do more by the end] we'll see, but I already have selected 20 artists and that is going to take me a while). These artists have been chosen by their dedication to upload artwork on DeviantArt and/or speed drawings on YouTube. These artists have been picked at my discretion. Suggesting yourself only soils any chance you have, so it would be wise to refrain from doing so. 

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Ry-Spirit|Professional Digital Artist
i am featuring this on my main page. thanks for doing this again ^^
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Berryzem's avatar
Berryzem|Student Artist
Oh wow! Okay, thank you! :hug: you're very welcome. It was an honor >/////<
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Ry-Spirit's avatar
Ry-Spirit|Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much, i read the whole thing and these sort of comments makes me feel all happpy and fuzzy inside. I didnt realise you uploaded this back in May haha, a while ago. but yeah thanks once again, keep doing what you love, keep being awesome, keep improving and keep on rocking.

PS: I DO used have a pikachu onesie like that. but unforunately it was lent to a friend, who lent it to another friend and then now no one knows who had it last and it was lost forever. :T The onesie was made by my girlfriend at the time too, so it was quite sentimental to me. Oh well that was kinda sad! But yes you drew me quite accurately with that pikachu onesie espcially with a little top hat on top, thats cute. :D
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Berryzem's avatar
Berryzem|Student Artist
You're very welcome. I'm honored ^/////^ I like making people feel happy and fuzzy on the inside XD. Yeah, I didn't want to spam you because I know you have a lot of traffic on your profile already, so I thought I'd wait before letting you know through a comment XD. You're welcome again XD thank you for your time, advice, and kind words! :hug:

O.o Is that so? well what a coinkidink~ XD But that is tragic! .>.<. And here I was thinking perhaps I should have just drawn you as pikachu XD. I guess this worked out better. The onesie has been immortalized in this pic for you...but I do hope someday you get the real one back >.<. And I couldn't resist, it was just too adorable >//////< thank you!
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