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Bon Bon Stares Into Your Soul

Been a while since I last updated my icon, so here's a point-of-view from Lyra's perspective in this oldie but goodie:

I Love Humans THIS MUCH by BerryPAWNCH

Enjoy this little doodle of Bon Bon as she stares into the innermost depths of your soul and questions the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.  :O

EDIT: Here's the same pic from Bon Bon's point of view:

Let Me Sing You the Song of My Fandom by BerryPAWNCH
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idache's avatar
...i think ur Bon Bon just took my soul from me...
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
Her universe-piercing gaze tends to have that effect, it seems.  :O
PunchieTheNeko's avatar
X3 She looks like a loaf of ponee. I like it.
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
A little fluffy loaf of ponee :D  I like that description.  Thanks :)
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
BonBonabetes attack!  *prepares Phoenix Down on standby*
Motherless-Goat666's avatar
I hope she isn't looking in there. Its like looking into the abyss and it's going to look back at Bonbon.
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
She is very curious to explore the abyss :O
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
Bon Bon is good at knowing how to be that :D  Thanks Bioshock!
Bioshock140's avatar
AdrianTheBrony's avatar
She can have my soul ;3;
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
Bon Bon will have lots of fun cuddling up next to your soul :D
PrinceDuskstripe's avatar
Hnnnnghh!!!! This is Tooooooo Cuutttteee!!!!! Can't Look Away.....(Insert Amnesia:TDD + MLP Reference) "Avoid Looking At BonBon Or She Will Drain You Sanity With Her Cuteness"

Oh I just thought of another reference that came to mind, "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy > "My Peeps Episode"

Billy: Nooooooooo!!! She'll steal my soul!!!!

But I don't care I'll hug and cuddle with BonBon all day. Those are the eyes of complete innocent. :)
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
Her innocence causes a reaction so profound that she made you say episode titles :D

Thanks Dusk!  Have fun cuddling little Bonnie.
PrinceDuskstripe's avatar
Indeed! ^w^

That's why I can't look away.....
Lightning-Mover256's avatar
I can feel her stare finding the questions about life, the universe and everything deep into my soul...o_O
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
Bon Bon is very determined to explore the innermost depths of your being to find the answers to the profound questions of existence :D
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
She better not stare too much into mine or her innocence, not to mention her sanity, will be irreversibly damaged.
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
She's tempted to explore anyway, it seems :D
templar127's avatar
can she have your sugar? In your blood? XD
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
I think you may have just found the ultimate cure for diabetes.  :O
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