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I find this to be a real interesting take on Princess Luna's lore. The artwork so far is real breathtaking with much of the work so far...

First thing that caught my eye on this was the amazing level of detail in the hair on her mane and tail. I really love the fact that ea...

I like how spiffy your colored works are, but I also think your sketched-out works like this look superb enough to be finished works th...

by erovoid

I love the astounding visual impact on this, the colors and highlights are absolutely breathtaking! The eye-popping visuals really stoo...



Well, it's been a while since I've been able to sit down and post much of anything here, and I apologize for the...many hiatuses I have taken art wise.  The job search ended recently and I've landed a new banking position...and moved all the way to Dallas, y'all.  :O  It's a bit farther from San Francisco than where I used to live in Reno, but I can still visit my family with dirt cheap airfare...provided I bring no luggage.  Not even a carry-on, apparently.  D:  The move has been a real adventure and I'm excited to see where it's going to go in the future.  My coworkers are awesome, my managers are cool, and the salary is more than enough for living comfortably.  What more could a working guy ask for?  :headbang:

That's also meant that I've been sorting out moving a lot of things and getting settled with new Internet, utilities, and all that fun stuff.  I've settled completely into my new digs and recently diagnosed a few computer problems.  Because they don't build Macs like they used to, apparently.  <_<  Hence the breaks while everything was sorted out :C

And on to happier news:  I will be vending at a table in Nightmare Nights, under the name Berry Pawnch Studios!  Come see my artsy fartsies in the vendor hall, I'll have plenty of crazy or adorable stuff (Sometimes both!) on hand to take a gander at.  I'm hoping to complete a pic of Lauren Fausticorn and the Mane Six before then.  See y'all there October 27th!


BerryPAWNCH's Profile Picture
Immortal Puncher of Berries
United States
My name is BerryPAWNCH, and I am a digital artist specializing in parodies and occasional diabeetus. I have committed myself to drawing works of art that satirize, cross over, or otherwise rip existing or original characters a new one.

Most of all, I take an extremely high amount of pride in maintaining an extremely low amount of artistic and intellectual quality. In fact, you will be very happy to know that I have absolutely NO plans to produce any works bearing any social or intellectual merit at any point in the future. THIS IS MY PLEDGE TO YOU!

Thank you for checking out the roadblock to social progress, intelligence, and reform that is my DeviantArt gallery!


-That Guy


Lend Me Your Ear
Teenage Applejack Icon "Well howdy there!  Sure am feelin' mighty curious about how ticklish you are...y'all mind if I give your ear a quick nommin'?"

Rarity (laugh) plz "Oh dearie me, that does feel good!  A little to the left, please?"

Was in the mood for doodling a bit of Rarijack, they look so adorable hanging out and being playful together :D
Twilight Says Hello
Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2 : "Hmmm, you certainly seem far away...let's close the gap a little bit!"

:icontwilightsparklecutegrinplz:: "There we go!  Greetings fellow bookworm!" 

...Wow, how long has it been now since I've even updated...?  I'm dreadfully sorry for the long hiatus but now that I'm at a point where I'm FINALLY settling down I figured I'd post a quick mini-comic-thingy about Book Horsebabbu running to you to greet y'all :D
The Next Generation: Where No G5 Has Gone Before
After a LONG while of doing absolutely nothing in the midst of yet another art block...I'm not sure what happened.  I guess that between a day job with long hours and increased demands of life stuff going on, I've been feeling a little sapped for motivation.  It really sucks considering I really like to draw these kinds of pics but at the same time feel too burned out at the end of the workday to make any progress.  I'd been desperately failing at tapping into the well of inspiration for a while until I saw something a little while ago that tickled my fancy:

Apparently there's a fifth generation of My Little Pony in the works.  And these are the voyagers of the Friendship Babbuprise.

I'm well aware that this is a reboot that will likely have nothing to do with Friendship is Magic, and introduce an entirely new cast in a completely new world, despite the new cast bearing more than a few similarities to G4 when it comes to design.  I'm also aware that nothing has been confirmed yet, so these are by no means the final designs.  Still, as far as the numerous concept arts I've seen floating around, I'm REALLY liking what I'm seeing! So much so that I've rendered the designs I've personally found interesting into Berrybabbu form, and here's my take on each of the remixes (I'm using their G4 names as placeholders here, until the actual ones are confirmed):

Fluttershy v.5:  Pretty interesting choice to make her a unicorn!  Assuming she could potentially carry over much of her G4 love of animals to the new series, having magical powers could potentially open up a lot of new possibilities for her to help animals (provided she still takes on an animal caretaker role in G5).  Her mane design looks long and flowing, giving her a mystical and gentle kind of aura...though in my babbu rendition...her mane just looks floofy as all heck XD

Rainbow v.5: Of all the characters so far, she seems like she carries over the most traits from her G4 persona.  Every aspect of her personality seems to carry through in the poses I see her rendered in: confident (perhaps overly so), athletic, thinking she can take on the world.  Several versions I've seen have her wearing some tasteful gold accents, and I really like the new mohawk style hairdo she seems to have!  She really seems like a slightly older version of her G4 self...maybe that's what we'll end up seeing with most of these characters?

Pinkie v.5: The addition of wings mean pranks and baking hijinks can now go airborne without the assistance of shoddily constructed aircraft or launching herself from a cannon!  As for the fourth wall noms...I love ya Pink.  Please don't ever change.

Rarity v.5: Wow, what a design.  She just looks so regally magnificent in every new piece of concept art I see.  I wonder if this new version could be a high ranking elite a la Fancypants, or royalty of some kind, considering how majestic she looks...kind of like a heroic version of Nightmare Rarity.

Twilight v.5: Twily as an earth pony!  I'm intrigued with the concept and wonder what her talent will be, based on her cutie mark.  Maybe she'll potentially be an astronomer of some kind?  A night security guard, perhaps?  A writer of bedtime stories for Equestrian youth?  I'll eagerly wait and see :D

Applejack v.5: My personal favorite design, even though she's the hardest to the braiding on that mane and tail is artistic PAIN to get to look right!  I really love the lighter accents in her coat, and greatly look forward to more potential honest country sass in G5.

As a potential series, by far the biggest thing that gets me so far is that G5 may even take a turn in its intended audience, going from kids to being oriented toward young adults.  It's a move that especially makes sense in the brony fandom; many of the kids who started watching FiM when it first came on have now grown up and may very well have had their tastes in entertainment change as a result.  G4 has been pretty ripe for an overhaul for a while now, and while I've enjoyed the adventures of the Mane Six and Company for a long time, I also would like to see the show end on a high note instead of being stretched out for the sake of milking it for all the profit it's worth, resulting in it becoming stale like other shows I used to enjoy.  (Looking at you here, Fairly Oddparents and Spongebob.)

Personally, I'm intrigued by all the potential G5 stuff I've seen floating around!  I'm looking forward to the gloriously epic conclusion of Twilight and Co.'s journey, paving the way for a new cast of characters to start their own adventures in a new world.  Bring it on :headbang:


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