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Splicer Mask and Hook Progress

This isn't really a tutorial, but more of how I went about making this mask and hooks.. shame I didn't think to take a few more progress shots!
But here's a breakdown of what's going on, from left to right.
1. Started with a plastic full-face mask from a craft store, which I trimmed down. The base for the ears is cut craft foam, and I used lots and lots of masking tape to shape different aspects of the mask and ears. I eventually covered the entire mask, front and back, with masking tape.
2. After taping and shaping, I covered the mask with plaster. The hooks are made of styrofoam hoops and craft foam, covered in lots of tape and then plastered as well. I let those dry and then sanded them the next morning.
3. I covered both the hooks and the mask with a layer of gesso, and then used paperclay to form the details on the mask. I also covered the hooks with paperclay, and then sanded the hooks smooth again once dry. The paperclay worked well - barely cracked at all, very light, but stayed kind of soft, which wasn't so much of a problem because it still kept its form. Another layer of gesso went over the paperclay.
4. Painting time! Painted with white craft paint, and the gold was done with a really pretty gold acrylic paint my sister had. Lot of detail.. but SO worth it. I then covered it with a glossy varnish which sealed it and made it nice and shiny :)
5. Detail shot of mask!
6. The hooks I painted with a silver craft paint and a bunch of different colors of acrylics. I took a gray paint and layered it on top of the silver once it was dry, then rubbed it in/ wiped it off while it was still wet so it looked all weathered and stuff.
7. Detail shot of hooks. The blood was a mix of red craft paint, red acrylic paint, matte medium, and a dark brown acrylic. Then I took everything outside and flung paint at it :D

Took about three days to finish everything. Used an entire huge ten dollar roll of masking tape hahaa. Finished mask with blood splatter up soon!
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