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Torn Between



This was just a test, to see if I could make a VN in Flash. It was made a year after TROMB. Both of which were just ideas that never really worked out. It actually took until after 2014 to eventually get it right. I wouldn't say that Torn Between was that great, it was just a test. It features Rina Adachi (Mizura) as Ginger and Lemon, including Jez as Kitty. Torn Between is going to get a 2017 remake, only it won't be the same, it will be more a story this time and will give off small references this version from the 2013 version, but will also feature the original voice-over. The new version is based on what happened after, the fictional characters are a little different to how they used to be, they eventually came out of their shells, and were adapted a little more - mainly into mascots.

This version is very old, and has a lot of typos and errors, but the game was given a 2017 remake 
here. The remake however has nothing to do with this version, this was merely used as reference as it was the start of things to come and the end. Rina also reprises her role in the new version, I was very honored to work with her. Including CaptainBatBrain, who did a great job too.

 Attached are both SWF file & HTML File:

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