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Status : [OPEN]
Deadline : March 31st, 11:59pm PST

This prompt will span 2 months and may be entered twice

Please read all the information below to make sure your entry is valid!

(Must be a member to submit art!)

"Love is in the Air"
#10 The time for romance is upon us! How does your Elnin spend time with their special some-nin?

Art by engare (Had to share cuz it's so cute!) Please feel free to suggest other couply Elnin art to feature <3

Draw an Elnin couple doing something romantic. How do they spend their alone time together? How did they meet? What is their favorite thing to do as a couple? Or anything just generally cute and romantic! <3


If you don't have any romantic pairings, or your Elnins are kittoms, feel free to just draw platonic relationships / friendships! <3

(Please only submit newly created art. Please do not submit commissioned works or art done on reused bases.)

If you're looking for an elnin to draw, or if you'd like to offer your elnin for use with this prompt or any future gift art purposes, please take a look over here:

Gift Art Resources -- Madame Elladhi's

The famous elnin art dealer, Madame Elladhi, is also in the business of pairing artists with their muses. For this, she keeps extensive records of elnins who she finds aesthetically intriguing. Have need of an inspirational subject? Worry not, Madame Elladhi has just what you need.

Now, why don't you have a seat and take a look through these candidates the Madame has gathered for you.

Hello hello! The purpose of this journal is to compile easily referenced details for people who would like to do gift art of someone else's elnin.
Why do it this way? Good question!
For one, it's always best to have permission before drawing someone else's characters! By posting an elnin's information here, the owner is saying "Yeah man! Draw mah baby!". And secondly, there is much that's left unsaid from just looking at an elnin's official art- such as personality, clothing preferences, and other particular details that are of impor



[Checklist for your Entry!]

 Primary subject can be either your own elnin, or someone else's elnin. (But please make sure you have permission from the owner to draw any nins that don't belong to you!)

  • To help find potential elnins to draw, you can check out this journal : Gift Art Resources -- Madame Elladhi's or just take a gander at the Masterlist Account. Please be polite when approaching owners to request permission to draw their characters, and bear in mind it's always possible unsolicited requests may be denied/ignored.

 Art must be fully rendered.

  • By "rendered" we mean the art has to be in full color, with shading. Whether gradient/natural shading or cell shading, it has to have some form of lighting/shadows. A flat colored piece will not receive completion credit.

 Art must include at least most of the primary subject's body.

  • We're talking like 75-80%. This can be a bit subjective, but please try to be careful with hiding too much of an elnin's body via perspective or backgrounds/props/etc.

 You must submit your entry to the Prompt group folder [here] before the deadline.

  • Remember you must you must be a member in the group to submit your entry.

Reward after completing all of the above : 6


These are only in addition to the general completion award, and will not apply if you do not fulfill completion requirements listed above.

Including another Berry Bazaar CS (elnins, kyunru, kyulin, etc) : No bonus (due to the nature of this prompt)

Including any non-Berry Bazaar CS :  No Bonus
I have no issue with people including any type of CS that you own a character for and would like to have canonly visit Eyre, but for those of you who are (understandably!) skittish about breaking rules with other CS owners, here is a list of species that I have already obtained permission for visiting this world setting:
Browbirds, Kitbulls, Lantern Dragons, Star Dusters, Dragonkits, Aetherlings, Grottes, Snaptraps

(For drawn entries only) Including a background . Either a fully painted, or at least mostly painted/implied background scene of some sort: 2

(For written entries only) Entry reaches 2000 words: 2

Drawing the elnin in its bipedal form: No bonus
(You can still draw them in this form for Completion credit if you'd like, but there will be no bonus awarded)

Bipedal form guidelines:
- Examples : [Example 1]
- The bipedal form is pretty much an elnin standing upright xD No really major visible physical differences.

Drawing the elnin in its humanoid form: No bonus
(You can still draw them in this form for Completion credit if you'd like, but there will be no bonus awarded)

Human form guidlines:
- Their gijinka forms are short, very young looking. Like so: [Example 1] [Example 2]
- They have human faces. They do not have animal noses in humanoid form.
- Skin color can match their feral form, or be normal skintones, or a combination of those!
- You can't create new markings, but you can mix and match skin tone color with parts of their base markings.
- They have normal people hands, but tiny paw feets (with toe beans hue hue).
- In gijinka state, they are gender neutral (no boobs, etc)


"My Elnin doesn't have a pomu on their official art. Does it even have one?"
All elnins have at least one pomu that they are born with (regardless of whether you have art of it). There is a mini guide you can take a look at here for a little more info:
[Lore] Pomu : Elnin familiars.

"Can I enter multiple drawings?"
You may enter up to 2 drawings for this prompt.

"Can I do a written entry?"
Yes! However, please note, written entries must be 1200 words long to count as complete in addition to any previously listed applicable requirements.

"Can I include someone elses' character in my submission"
Of course! Just make sure you have their permission first.

"Can I join if I don't own an elnin?"
For this prompt, yes you can!

"Do I need to complete a registration sheet to join"
Nope! Not at this point in time anyway.

"What the heck is EC (), and what's it used for?"
EC stands for elanicite coin, and is one of the primary currencies of Eyre! It is tracked over here at the Goldspring Grande Treasury.
EC can be traded for goodies when caravans or merchants come around, and will be used to purchase housing at a later date. You'll also be able to use EC to purchase design changes for your adopts (marking/color edits etc).

Please comment if you have any questions! <3

Have fun!!

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Quick question:
I now own a kittom and was wondering if drawing it with new friends or its family would count for the prompt? I am not sure I was reading through the entry rules and it said kittom art and platonic art were ok. Just hoping you can clarify for me. Thank you~