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July Elecite Coin Rewards : Complete 

Exclamation This bank is only for EC tracking, and does not contain "strange coins" or special items.Exclamation 
To view your specialty items/currency, please take a look at the [Specialty Item Bank]


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(The new bank listing is managed on the google sheet linked above)

If you notice anything listed incorrectly, please let Night-Class or endejester know!

Located at the center of the preeminent city of Il'durahn, the :bulletyellow:Goldspring Grande Treasury:bulletyellow: is Eyre's largest and most trusted bank. The bank itself is run by the Enchanter's Guild, and as such is afforded a plethora of magical defenses against theft and other such shady activity. There are Goldspring banks present in most major cities across Eyre that are magically linked to the main branch, thus allowing people to access their stored coin and valuables no matter where they are.

A few notes for your consideration:
:bulletwhite: There are a few types of accepted currency on Eyre, but for now only EC (elecite coin) is available through group activities. EC can be earned primarily through participating in Berry-Bazaar group prompts, and can be traded for goodies when caravans or merchants come around! You'll also be able to use them to purchase design changes for your adopts (marking/color edits etc).
:bulletwhite: Earned currencies/items will be recorded once an ongoing event has concluded.
:bulletwhite: Coins or other items stored in the treasury vaults may not be traded to other users.
:bulletwhite: Once used, coins/items will be removed from record. Any applied effects/items/changes to a specific design will remain with that design if they are traded.
:bulletwhite: If you think there are any discrepancies with the records here, please comment to let us know!

[:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Goldspring Vaults :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:]  

[Glossary of Accepted Currencies]

:bulletwhite: [EC] :: Elecite coins are uniquely minted metallic coins that are common throughout Eyre. Elecite is a highly regulated metal with the peculiar property of changing colors when mana is passed through it. It makes forgeries very easy to spot. While inactive, elecite coins are gold in color, but temporarily turns a bright cerulean when mana is channeled into them.
:bulletwhite: All other specialty items and non-standard EC currency is tracked at the Starlake Bank.

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Can you add me? Btw how do I earn ECs, and what earns more than others?