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ATTN! All MYO/MYO Slot holders, please read!!

I was trying to get all the myos added to the masterlist by myself, but over time I think it's become somewhat unorganized (RIP my inbox) and with everything else on my to-do list the delays are just endless  . So! In the interest of getting this done within the next decade xD;;; I'm having the good starbask ( assist me <3   If you currently have an unused MYO slot or an MYO that's not on the [Masterlist account] please do the following: !!-- IMPORTANT: This includes people that have noted me previously! If your MYO is not uploaded at this time, please resend your information to manaseed ( --!! Please send a note to the manaseed ( accoun


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Gift Art Resources -- Madame Elladhi's

The famous elnin art dealer, Madame Elladhi, is also in the business of pairing artists with their muses. For this, she keeps extensive records of elnins who she finds aesthetically intriguing. Have need of an inspirational subject? Worry not, Madame Elladhi has just what you need. Now, why don't you have a seat and take a look through these candidates the Madame has gathered for you. Hello hello! The purpose of this journal is to compile easily referenced details for people who would like to do gift art of someone else's elnin. Why do it this way? Good question! For one, it's always best to have permission before drawing someone else's

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Yaos Quest - Act 4 - Pilgrimage

Quest Acts

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Species Guide : Eyre Size Chart

Official Lore

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Elnin Art - Public

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[c] Winter Guardian

Kyunru Art - Public

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SOLD - ty!

Big life changes, hurting for money. My car needs new ignition coils so I can have transportation to a job 🙃 so I'm considering reselling these elnin. Not FCFS, up front full payment highly preferred. I'll only consider a min of 50/50 payment on ELN2681. Please comment below, do not DM me on discord!! | $300 - SOLD | $140 - SOLD I also have a ko-fi if you just want to help out, anything is extremely appreciated right now.


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MYO Elnin: Amalthea

MYOs - old, need to add to Masterlist

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Kittsunami 24hr Flaffle! [CLOSED!]

Welcome to the first of several floods of kittoms from our Kittsunami breeding event! This is a 24 hour raffle, so don't rush and be sure to read the rules!   (I know I'm hopelessly wordy so I'm going to try to keep these rules as succinct as possible so that there is no confusion! >v<) (click for full view) This is a "Flaffle" format. The winners are rolled randomly from each separate raffle pool, and will be responsible for paying the sale price immediately after being drawn. Winners must contact the artist of their kittom directly to make payment arrangements. Winners will be drawn publicly (in our discord). People will be

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[PROMPT!] 'A Winter Farewell' - [OPEN!]

   P R O M P T Status : [Open] Deadline : January 31st, 11:59pm PST This month's prompt is limited to one entry per person. Please read all the information below to make sure your entry is valid!    ENTRY SUBMISSION FOLDER :: [HERE]   (Must be a member to submit art!) "A Winter Farewell"   #09 Winter on Eyre will soon be waning. How does your elnin enjoy the final cold months? Draw your Elnin doing any number of winter related activities, playing in the snow, running around in a snowsuit, cuddled up next to a fire with a cup of cocoa and a good friend, or maybe even spending some quality time with their pomu before the Lightbringer

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Christmas Robins


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