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ATTN! All MYO/MYO Slot holders, please read!! by manaberri, journal


Welcome to the Berry-Bazaar Group!

Berry-Bazaar / World of Eyre (WoE) is a relaxed ARPG. We have monthly prompts and activities for players that are designed to be taken at a laid-back pace. It's geared toward folk that have trouble trying to devote large chunks of time to do a bunch of art grinding. So hopefully those who are very involved in other ARPGs don't feel like they lack the time to branch out to other groups while participating in this one! This group leaning on a system that will get you rewards over time, even if your schedule only allows you to do a single drawing every month or two.

Join the World of Eyre Website Today to Participate!

While the group's origins rest on deviantArt, all of the group's prompts and activities are now hosted on the...

World of Eyre Website!

You will need a deviantArt account to verify your account on the site and most of our sales are still hosted on the modberry account on deviantart!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the group website's Terms of Service, where you must agree to follow our Community Rules & Etiquette guidelines and follow Manaberri's Adoptables Terms of Service.

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You need to join website for this group?
Are we able to close our account?
I’ve been checking this out and i’m getting interestend in making my own MYO species character. Just to know.

1. Where can i get a myo slot or the rules of what traits can or can’t have? (For example, if i have a myo i can only use common traits? Or can i give the elnin a rare trait?)
2. Prices ?
3. In case of getting a myo is possible to make a elnin out of a preexisting character, like a elnin version of a sona?
are there any active adopts or myo slots for these kiddos? :0

There's currently a kittom sale going on here: Small Swashbuckers & Nautical Kittoms

And an event here: Palu'au Party Pandemonium Event

And a puzzle section of the event that has possible MYO prizes here: Palu'au Pirate Plotting

Hopefully this helps! ovob

Okay, I have a couple of questions for whoever can answer them! ;O; I really want one, but I am also very confused.

1) Do I really need a dA in order to participate in stuff? I barely use my dA as I'm a writer, not really an artist, and I'm more active on TH and Discord.
2) How hard is it to get a MYO slot, and also how much do they usually cost? I've managed to find out that they're usually through Patreon, but that's all I know.
3) Beyond the original design, do I really need to be an artist? It looks like I can write for prompts to earn growths and mutations and whatnot, but it's a little confusing.
4) Does art style really matter for the prompts? Like, I don't do art often but when I do it's pixel art (gestures to my gallery), and that's very much not the style of everyone here I've seen so far, and I'm not sure if that'll be an issue.

Thank you so much for the help. ;O;