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Photoshop CS1-CC Pencil Brushes Tool Presets

A set of many brushes I've made for Adobe Photoshop.

You can check these sketches to see what they look like although I mainly used the 2b pencil.

Update: These brushes were made when I still had a duo core PC, so spacing and other settings were made for speed.  If you have a fast PC feel free to adjust spacing and play with the settings to make "your" favorite pencil brush.
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awesome brushes 😁 great art too

Thank you 😊

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¿How can I get this brushes? I'm new in photoshop, sorry

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thank you man!! great brushes

cursedsun00's avatar

Siento que voy a amar estos pinceles apenas los pruebe, gracias!!

I'm just (re)starting my drawing journey and can't wait to try these. Thanks!

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I've GOT to try these!
JeSSiesix's avatar
Thank a lot sir Heart  , so happy to find you Hug  
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It's been years and this is still my favourite go to brush!
dk394auau's avatar
Thank you!!
They're amazing
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thanks,its useful^^
Thank you!  These are amazing! :D (Big Grin)
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Thank you!  These are amazing! :D
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nice going to try this!
thanks! wil tray.
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amazing, thank you so much!
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