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Paint Tool SAI Pencil Brushes

By BerolEagle
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Here are a couple of pencil brushes that I made for Paint Tool SAI in order to mimic graphite pencil, to install them follow these instructions*:

-Extract the RAR into your Paint Tool SAI folder (install 7zip if you don't have winRAR).

-Run start-sai.exe to install the textures.

-Create a new "Brush" and manually adjust the settings like you see here, you could also use the Marker, Watercolor, Airbrush ...

I recommend using these brushes on A4 page size at 150 DPI and with stroke stabilizer at level 3 but use whatever you feel comfortable with.

Feel free to adjust the pressure to your taste, some press harder than others so you may have to adjust.

Change the Simple Circle to Flat and now you have a square tip shading pencil.

(*) Update if you're having issues with the start-sai.exe, download this pack and extract it into your main SAI directory (where the SAI program is), the brushes should show up automatically next time you run SAI), they may overwrite your brush list but I've put them at the bottom so unless you have any brushes there, it shouldn't be any problem. As an extra, I've included a set of "Airbrush Pencils" which are my favorite brushes in SAI.
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Where's the .rar? Where can I download it?

click the download button under the art

RoseTheVeemo's avatar
if i try to run sai.exe there is just an error.
It says 'Can't run sai.exe (CreateProcess failed with error 2)'
thank you so much for this! you're doing lord's work omg
SarangKecoa's avatar
God Bless you! :"D
Sasoly's avatar
I don't understand why, but the textures won't appear anywhere in Sai NOOOO sobbing - crying 
Emo-sanX's avatar
my gosh, same here  NOOOO sobbing - crying
RoxyDomoto's avatar
The mechanical pencil is amazing
KoltirasRip's avatar
This is fantastic.  I can't believe how easy it was to find a good pencil for Sai.
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Thanks for these settings, looks good!
Smug Spooder (additional version) by kivimajuri
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Thanks, this was super useful, been looking for something like this for ages.
Trollcer's avatar
thank you very much!
Caldature's avatar
When I use these pens, the stabiliser doesn't affect it at all. Is there any way to correct this?
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Thank you! much appreciated :) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
how do you download it?
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a bit late, but click the "Download" button on the right corner. it will save as a ZIP file. extract it and move all the contents in your paintool sai root folder. replace all the replaceable files. The brushes will load the next time you open SAI. you can find them at the last column of the brushes menu
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I can't seem to download the rar, I get a 404 :( 
KristyArtz's avatar
Refresh the page, then do it again.
FlufferBakura's avatar
huh this was very useful! thanks for sharing this! I love the look of pencil a lot!
NatalieOrihara's avatar
do i have to have 7zip or winRAR??
LoveCatLol's avatar
please, help, I am not English and not sure if I understand everything, I don't get it :'v there's too much folders
pazde's avatar
I know this is an old post, but thank you for this!
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