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Aqua Mesa v1.0

By bernas69
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I started using "Black Mesa v2", by valkyre ([link]), and I really loved it.
I think it's extremely well done, a very beautiful style. :)

Well, I'm also into Aqua styles and colors, so I thought it would be nice if Black Mesa could have some Aqua features. I enjoy Black Mesa's interface very much, so I decided not to modify its structure; I made a few changes only. :)

So, here is my "Aqua version" for the "Black Mesa v2", which I call "Aqua Mesa v1.0".

Basically, the changes are:
- What once was orange, now is Aqua colored;
- Progress bar and Start button have been modified.
- Windows default logoff and shutdown buttons.

Credits also go for valkyre, naturally, the original creator. Thanks, buddy! :)

I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Wallpaper: Titanium Silver Wallpaper Pack by ~JosephYang ([link])

© 2005 - 2021 bernas69
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Oi! Está muito bacano mas não consigo instalá-lo.
Clico em "download to desktop" e faço extract dos ficheiros e clico no ficheiro aquamesa.msstyles e abre uma janela do aspecto nas propriedades de visualização e clico em OK e fica igual.
Pode-me ajudar?
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Amigo, você precisa verificar se instalou o Universal UXTheme Patcher v1.2 para poder usar temas adicionais você pode encontralo no site ou no [link] ok? abraços
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Po, blz então... ficou mto massa, aquele grafite ta doido!
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Valeu mas já tinha conseguido com o StyleXP ;)
Está realmente muito bom e já está no meu "Devious Desktop" - Veja como ficou -> [link]
Valeu :clap:
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Blz então que deu certo.
Ficou mto massa, aquele grafite lá é doido hein!
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hey, thanks a lot for this theme, the best one i've come across yet!
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Cool, soo thanx, enjoy 2.0 version too!!! :)
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when are you going to have ver 2 out?
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Surprise....2.0 is released!!!! hehehehehe no comment.... :)
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i know you gave credit to the original authors, but im not entirely sure you actually asked them to do a mod of thier work. if you didnt ask them, then you really should, or else your deviation can be deleted.

anyways, i dont really like the mix of styles, there's nothing to pull it all together. you have the soft, dull and plastic feel of black mesa, and the hard, shiny and smooth feel of the aqua style. they are completely opposites, and there is nothing to bring the two together.
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cubikal... OK, buddy, this is your point of view and I respect that. But it seems those 5000 people who have already downloaded this VS don't think the same, right? Thanks anyway.
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ficou muito maneiro!!! po, nunca vejo brasileiros fazendo VS... espero que vc faça outros, tão fodas qt esse... valeu!
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Opa, blz mano, to trabalho em duas novas versões aqui, aguarde... Obrigado, é nois os brazuka!
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still the best style ..... using it now 6 month ..... big up ...thats all i have to say !!

greetZ serialZz
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Cool! Wait for upcoming new version 2.0 and Graphite look! :)
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Hi Bernas,

It's great to deal with a responsive author. Thank you very much.
As you agree to design a graphite aqua to go with Black Mesa. And I think it is a very good idea. Can you do the same for blue? But this time it will be in the opposite way. Recolor Mesa from black to dark blue so that it goes well with blue aqua.

While you are at it, can you also fix a flaw that I find quite annoying in Black Mesa. That is the +/- icon in the left pane of Windows Explorer. They are all solid squares, this requires more attention to read the folder structure. I think that adding a + and - in the square would improve the readability.

And please don't forget the Tahoma8 font. Valkyrie the author said that it is possible to change this easily by editing the VS but I don't know how to do this.

Thanks in advance.
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Stradivarius, I'm evaluating all suggestions and intend to release a Graphite Tahoma version for the BM2. For the Blue Mesa, I'll see what I can do because first I want to create a light BM, I mean, light grey. I appreciate your comments. :)
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This is what I was waiting for. Very great looking VS.
Following suggestions:
The start button seems to be broken (loses a its edge on the right), can you fix it?
How about adding + and - back in Explorer window back? Would make it look elegant
Making radio buttons and check boxes a little lighter - the dark ones don't look that great

Please release this again ASAP after fixing the bugs and considering suggestions! Thank you and Great Work!!!
bernas69's avatar
Start button seems to be OK here, vipuldk. So is Explorer window back with radio buttons and check boxes. Sorry, but I really couldn't observe those bugs you mentioned here. If you like, please, send me a screenshot pointing these bugs to my e-mail ( and I'll try to fix them. Thank you, buddy.
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69minutes in the clock? O.o
bernas69's avatar
69: a porn time for sexy themes,like this!
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Can you do a Tahoma8 version too?
bernas69's avatar
Tahoma is a cool font. I'll see what I can do, OK? Thanks.
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Interesting idea, but I think that perhaps the graphite Aqua buttons would have be a better match for the BM2 color scheme.
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