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The Mona Lisa was stolen !

This picture was done for "Surrealistas for the world" collaborative project
It has been published in the book " Mona Lisa Reimagined" (2014) by Erik Maell…
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Would you license this image to use in an advertisement for a show about Leonardo da Vinci?

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Sure, sounds nice ! I'll send you a note :D
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this is awesome. i've always wondered what's behind mona lisa. i know u did this a long time ago, but i just saw this and it made me happy ^__^ great work man
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No problem, thank you :-)
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Execellent !! If Mona Lisa was hooked at Hogward, the original picture will be a lot like that !!
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I did not get your message...what is Hogward ?
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Harry Potter Castel ! Pictures speack to each other and can leave the frame to visite other pictures. You picture is what hapen if Mona Lisa is gone to drink a cup of coffee with the old fat lady !
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oh, ok...Thank you :-)
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This is a great idea! Better than LHOOQ!
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Glad you liked it :-)
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OK, I needed a laugh :)
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I have featured this image in my new journal [link] which has the theme of iconoclasm. I will remove it if you find it's use there offensive. Thank you in either case for sharing your thought provoking image.:)
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No problem, thank you ! :-)
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lolz potty break!
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No, she was just in need to shave her mustache :-)
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Ha ha! Brilliant. :)

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